Van Der Sterren: A Tropical Journey

By Didier Hamel

Biography of one of the most famous expressionist painters living and working in the Far East capturing Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand & Cambodia.

During the last decade, John Van Der Sterren has achieved recognition as the most notable landscape painter in East Asia. Serious collectors acknowledge the importance of his work; it was therefore adjudged the right time to present this biography, for a world audience.

A colorful panorama spanning these last nine years is presented in this book as a “tropical journey,” comprising a series of landscape studies, portraits, and still-lifes recorded in Indonesia (Java, Bali, and Sumatra), Singapore, Thailand, and Cambodia.

In his tropical journey, the artist leads us with great skill through his own visions, reflecting a mixture of reality, poetry, and beauty.

23 x 27.5 cm
216 pages
Hexart x Afterhours Books

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