Aman Welness in 2022

A pioneer in the wellness industry, Aman has always delivered a holistic and integrative wellness experience, taking care of mind, body and spirit. Focused on a combination of local rituals, indigenous ingredients and a modern approach, the brand is continually working to innovate its wellness offering in line with the ever-changing needs of guests.

Encouraging an invigorating process of renewal, Aman introduces new initiatives to its wellness programme throughout 2022, including visiting specialists, the return of Amanpuri’s Integrated Medical Services and several treatments that deliver fast and visible results, ideal for those seeking an instant shift.

Integrated Medical Services

For over three decades, Amanpuri (Thailand) has been a sanctuary for guests on the pristine shores of Phuket. The original Aman, the resort’s Wellness Centre has become renowned for its industry leading treatments, tailored to meet the personal goals of any guest.

The team consists of lifestyle experts, medical doctors, physiotherapists, nutritionists, as well as an in-house traditional Chinese medicine practitioner. Combining the extensive range of both holistic and medical treatments available on property, the resort’s Intensive Immersions resumed in January 2022.

Amanpuri, Thailand – Wellness, Wellness Centre, Spa Pavilion, Treatment Room
Amanpuri, Thailand – Wellness, Medical, Vitamin Drip, Immersion

Guests taking part in Amanpuri’s Intensive Immersions will firstly undergo a comprehensive medical consultation using biomarkers to evaluate the body’s response to treatment for illness, alongside an evaluation of biological age and tests for Sirtuin protein levels.

Analysis of the results, plus in-depth discussions regarding lifestyle and personal goals inform a bespoke programme of prescribed medical treatments well as a personalised nutrition plan, customised private movement sessions, and specialised therapies and spa treatments. Lasting five-nights or more, the immersions aim to lead the guest on an effective pathway towards a better-self.

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