Kopi Kangen – Nestlé Sjora is Launching Sports Companion Refreshing Drink

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  • Celebrating the Biking Craze, Kopi Kangen Coupled Baron Cyclist to Hold First Virtual Fun Ride with Superabundant Prizes
  • Cyclists, Come and Join Us at Kopikangen.Id/Kangenride

Kopi Kangen presents another fresh new collaboration, this time with Nestlé Sjora Mango Peach drink, launching simultaneously 4 new variants offering fresh and healthy sensation, the perfect thirst quencher after a sports activity to keep yourself healthy during this pandemic. The new variant dubbed Kangen Enjel, Kangen Mahmud, Kangen Berri and Kangen Vania. 

Duo Kopi Kangen initiators, William Heuw and Chris Erlando, said that, “It is our strong commitment to always bring new creations, and during this pandemic, Kopi Kangen, in collaboration with Sjora dari Nestlé, is fusing their popular product, Sjora Mango Peach, with Kopi Kangen and launches 4 new different drinks.”

“They are Kangen Enjel, a mix of Sjora Mango Peach with rainbow jelly; Kangen Mahmud, a combination between Sjora Mango Peach with black tea; Kangen Berry which is a fusion of Sjora Mango Peach with strawberry ice cream, and Kangen Vania, a mix of Sjora Mango Peach with vanilla ice cream.” 

Chris Erlando further explained that during the pandemic, the public must keep up their health and fitness through sports. Kopi Kangen invented a refreshing drink suitable for after sports consumption, because not only that it can is perfect to quench the thirst but also rejuvinating because it is rich in vitamins.

The four drink variants are available at every Kopi Kangen shop with prices ranging from Rp22.000 to Rp25.000.

Meanwhile, Nestlé Professional’s Beverage Manager, Antonius Suryawijayanto, revealed that, “Nestlé Sjora is known as a premium refreshing drink which is a fusion of fruit juice and milk, filled with all their benefits. The combination of the refreshing taste and the soft fruity aroma will enlighten the mood.”

Antonius added, “Through this collaboration, Nestlé Professional confirms its dedication to provide a solution to the F&B industry through its quality products. We always try to provide a tasty and nutricious alternative to customers. We are happy that we can collaborate with Kopi Kangen in bringing a hip drink that is refreshing, fit to quench your thirst after doing some sports.”

Duo Kopi Kangen Management, Fenny Changdra and Lisa Wardoyo explained that Kopi Kangen also dive into the the bicycle craze with Baron Cyclist Café for the First Virtual Fun Ride event. With the spirit to support sports activities for body fitness against the pandemic, Kopi Kangen invites the public to participate in this Virtual Fun Ride which offers numerous prizes such as folding bike, smartwatch, speedometer and helmet. Virtual Fun Ride will be held from 2 – 16 December 2020. 

The first 50 participants able to record more than 150 kilometers of distance by using Gerak mobile application will be eligible for Lucky draw. To register for this event and for further information, please visit kopikangen.id/kangenride

Baron Cyclist Café is a cyclist communicty with its own bicycle shop and repair. Baron teams up with Kopi Kangen to open coffee shop for visitors looking to buy or repair their bicycle. Hence is born, Baron Cyclist Café by Kopi Kangen.

For Kopi Kangen menus, promotions, and updates, please check out Kopi Kangen’s Instagram account IG: @Kopikangen.id

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