Cap Kupu and Its History for 85 Years

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Started as a small medical shop called ‘Tay Ho Tong’ located in the suburb of Glodok, North Jakarta in the year of 1935. The shop mostly catered for the Chinese Indonesians who seek for medicine imported from their hometown in China and Hong Kong.

The shop sells a lot of imported medicines from China, Hong Kong and also some local brand. Additionally, the shops also sells prescribed Chinese herbs which was made from imported raw herbs from all over the world. 

Based on analyzing the various demands for different kind of medicine at that time, the pharmacist who was also the owner began to conduct his own research on some of the most effective kind of medicines, devised to treat specific diseases. That was when one of the most reputable brands in stomachache medicine was invented—Tay Pin San or also known as Tjap Koepoe-Koepoe at that time.

From 1935–1962, ‘Tay Ho Tong’ was well known not only in the Chinese Indonesians community but also the local Indonesians for their quality and reputation in providing various kind of affordable yet effective medicine.

Tjap Koepoe-Koepoe stomachache medicine started gaining popularity as one of the leading prescribed medicines designed to relieve stomachache. It was well known throughout Java, receiving high demands from Tangerang, Serang, Jatinegara, Kerawang, Bekasi, and also Bangka Belitung area.

In 1963, Tjap Koepoe Koepoe Tay Pin San Stomach Relief medicine was finally launched as general medicine, sold across traditional outlets in Indonesia.

In 1971, in accordance with the government regulation, every medicine produced in Indonesia were required to provide proper documents and under supervision of local pharmacists. And it must be on separate entity with the medicine shop, resulting in the establishment of PT. Bintang Kupu-Kupu and now familiar with Cap Kupu Brand.

The objective of the company is to promote health through the use of herbal medicine; passing it down from generation to generation, proving itself overtime to be an effective and affordable yet safe for consumption.

In the year 2003, the company expands to major cities such as Semarang and Surabaya. Few years later, the company appointed Sub-Distribution Company across Indonesia to cater for the need of the local people. Through extensive research, the company continues to strive in providing high quality medicines which are affordable yet safe for consumption.

With ISO equivalent Certificate, PT BKK expands their business into international market, particularly China and Vietnam. With continuous learning and business passion ideology, the company continues to learn and fight diseases, aiming for a better tomorrow.

Established in 1935, PT Bintang Kupu Kupu (Cap Kupu) was built upon the moral foundation of hard work and perseverance. It was established by a skilled physician as a small apothecary in the suburb of Glodok area, North Jakarta. Over time, with persistence and mastery of medicinal knowledge, the business started to grow, providing more and more medical assistance to the local people. 

In 1976, with the growing number of popular demands, a new business model was needed, leading to the formation of one of the oldest factories ever built in Tangerang. The factory is built on a vast area of over a hectare, producing large quantities of medicines through definitive assembly line, with direct supervisions. 

Now, PT. Bintang Kupu Kupu is an innovative pharmaceutical company that focuses on natural medicines, combining the essence of nature with the precision of advanced technology, operating with a global capability.

Adhering with the international standard of Good Manufacturing Process (GMP), the company is responsible for processing assortment of raw materials, streamlined production with intense supervision and quality control, all the way to vacuum-sealed medicines that are packaged hygienically for consumer usage.

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