Amangiri Launches A Restorative Sleep Retreat

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Resting peacefully on the Colorado Plateau of Utah’s vast open desert, Amangiri has been peacefully welcoming guests since its reopening in July 2020. As the world begins to turn once-again, and the frenzy of everyday life returns to its usual pace, a new Restorative Sleep Retreat at the resort has been meticulously planned for December 2020.

Responding to the needs of those seeking improved sleep through reconnecting with the mind, body and soul, the retreat offers a science-based approach to the issue. Carefully developed with world-leaders in the field, the programme combines this knowledge with Aman’s long history of innovation in wellness, in one of the world’s most secluded settings.

Mesa Home Private Pool

Sleep is the foundation on which wellness and a healthy lifestyle are based. Directly affecting both physical and mental health, Amangiri’s Restorative Sleep Retreat (17 – 20 December 2020) offers both mental and emotional support alongside holistic spa therapies to aid a better night’s sleep. 

Developed alongside certified Sleep Specialist Dr. Micheal Breus, author of three bestselling books on the topic, guests will embark on a relaxing yet enlightening journey, mastering everything there is to know about the art of sleep in the safe haven of Amangiri. 

Aman Amangiri Suite

Following a pre-arrival assessment and one on one interview with Dr. Breus, guests will be assigned a Chrono-type; a genetically pre-determined sleep schedule, which will serve as the basis for the rest of the retreat. On arrival, after enjoying a special dinner cooked with sleep-friendly ingredients, guests will take part in a unique ‘ice-cream social’ together under Amangiri’s starlit skies.

In the days that follow, personalised schedules will be presented each morning and include daily 60-minute morning yoga classes, therapeutic cold-water plunges and several informative sessions and lectures covering topics such as Sleep Genetics and creating the perfect sleep environment. 

Learn how to indulge in everyday activities, including a way to enjoy caffeine and alcohol without affecting ones’ sleep; experience a personalised, practitioner-led wake-up routine every day and spend free time exploring the soul-soothing wilderness of Amangiri. Highly informative, leave Amangiri a sleep expert, knowing all the secrets to getting a restful night.

Since its launch in 2009, Amangiri has won multiple awards for its remarkable design, intuitive service and luxurious proximity to nature. Built around a magnificent swimming pool that embraces a dramatic stone escarpment, the resort’s Main Pavilion houses the Dining Room, the Living Room, a library, gallery, private dining room and cellar. Beyond lies the Desert Lounge, an open-air living room ideal for sundowners or star gazing. 

Two accommodation wings lead from the pavilion into the desert, housing 34 suites in total – many with private swimming pools and roof terraces. A destination unto itself, the Aman Spa at Amangiri covers 2,322 square metres and provides a serene setting for relaxation and rejuvenation. Key features are the Water Pavilion, which offers hydrotherapy treatments; the Floatation Pavilion; the Watsu Pool; five walnut-lined treatment rooms, two outdoor treatment terraces, a yoga pavilion and comprehensive gym with panoramic desert views.


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