The Tourism Ministry Launches K4 Protocol at Tourist Destinations

Association & Businesses Ready to Synergize Under Strict Protocols, Hope for Government’s Support During the Pandemic

The government, the association and the industry share the same determination and view regarding the revival of Indonesian tourism. To reopen recreational parks and tourist attractions, all stakeholders agree that it is imperative that health, cleanliness, and safety protocols be meticulously observed. This will not only help to break the chain of the spread of Covid-19, but also improve the reputation of the tourist sites and boost the public’s trust.

In the Voxpp Shout! Discussion of the theme, with the title “Lebih Jauh Kampanye Indonesia Care & Protokol K4 di Daya Tarik Wisata” or In-depth Discussion on Indonesia Care and K4 Protocols at Tourist Destinations, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy launched and campaigned the Special K4 Guidelines at Tourist Destinations and Homestay in front of the association, industry players and webinar participants.

The Association of Indonesian Recreational and Safari Parks voiced their readiness to support and to participate in communicating and disseminating InDOnesia CARE campaign. The protocol includes Cleanliness, Health, Safety and Environment (CHSE), or K4, and it is designed to achieve balance between the survival of the industry and the safety of the people.

The minister special staff on Sustainable Development and Conservation, of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Industry, Frans Teguh said, “Along with the review and the loosening of the social restriction policy, we are seeing a positive phenomenon where tourist destinations and recreational parks return to opening their doors. Especially on the weekends, we see people’s movement to tourist destinations. It is, therefore, very important to make sure the places implement the health, cleanliness, and safety protocols. We appreciate the operators for their awareness in implementing these protocols.” 

Further, Frans Teguh explained that the Indonesia Care campaign must demonstrate how Indonesians are aware of public health, cleanliness, and safety, notably the tourist destination operators. They are expected to develop technical engineering and innovation in providing their services.

Meanwhile, acting Head of Tourism Agency of Badung Regency in Bali, Cokorda Raka Darmawan said, “Bali is hard at work in preparing for the new normal so that the economy and tourism industry can restart, while at the same time we can curb the spread of Covid-19 and ensure the safety of the people. The study to prepare these has been conducted since June 2020. In the provincial level, there are Governor Decree No. 46/2020 and Regency Regulation No.52/2020 on the Implementation of Discipline and the Enforcement of Health Protocols to prevent and control the spread of Covid-19 in the new normal era.” 

“Then, through the Badung Regent Circular Letter No.259/2020, the government of Badung Regency issued health protocols for tourist destinations. In early July, in the early stage of Bali reopening, the province introduced Bali special tourist attractions for the people of Bali, and in late July, they were offered to domestic tourists. There are 11 tourist attractions in Badung Regency that have applied K4 protocols, including Kuta Beach, Garuda Wisnu Kencana and Beach Walk Shopping Center. So, with the Indonesia Care campaign, we see it as very important to support, synergize with and adopt the protocols for the good of all.”

At the discussion, Chairman of Association of Indonesia Recreational Parks (PUTRI), Bambang Soetanto said that between 900 and 1,000 recreation parks and tourist attractions under the association were ready to implement or have implemented the health protocol in their sites since the decision to gradually open tourist destinations and attractions.

Domestic tourism is seen to have started to revive and everyone needs to safeguard it and the business. Thus, they must observe the adherence to the K4 protocols. Support and assistance from the stakeholders, especially the government, are required in this challenging time due to the pandemic. In the same spirit, the association supports and synergize its efforts in communicating the principles and the values in InDOnesia CARE K4 protocols, especially at tourist destinations to each member and to the public. 

Meanwhile, Commissioner of Indonesia Safari Park (TSI), Tony Sumampau said that TSI was confident that by adopting and implementing K4 protocols based on the values and directives in Indonesia Care, the park could present tourist attractions that are healthy, clean and safe, as well as environmentally friendly, while at the same time improving public’s trust in the place. TSI is known as a natural tourist and educational park. 

Since reopening, it has received visitors whose number continues to grow. To ensure safety, the implementation of health protocols remains a priority. For example, the visitors at the tourist attraction is highly monitored and the number is limited to ensure the physical distancing protocol.

The third series of webinar by Voxpp Shout! With the title In-depth Discussion on Indonesia Care and K4 Protocol at Tourist Destinations was jointly organized by Directorate of Communication Marketing of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy and Vox Populi Publicists. The discussion was held live over Zoom Meeting platform on Friday afternoon, 4 September 2020. 

The speakers included Special Staff on Sustainable Development and Conservation of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Frans Teguh; Head of Tourism Agency of Badung Regency, Bali Province, Cokorda Raka Darmawan; Chairman of Association of Indonesian Recreational Parks (PUTRI), Bambang Soetanto; and, the commissioner of Indonesia Safari Park, Tony Sumampau. The event was moderated by Stephanie Amando.

To download the Guidelines for the Health, Cleanliness, Safety and Environment Sustainability, and other materials from the webinar, please click on this LINK or THIS.

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