Lifechanger Music Concert for Disaster Victims

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In 2018, a string of natural disaster striked several areas in Indonesia such as Lombok, Palu, Donggala, Sigi and areas around Sunda strait which causes infrastructure damage and casualties. Allianz Indonesia through Yayasan Allianz Peduli have provided relief to the areas needing support in a form of fund, basic goods, daily necessities and psychological first aid for the victims. Yayasan Allianz Peduli cooperates with financial services industry members under OJK in distributing the donation and is also supported by employees and sales force of Allianz Indonesia. 

To encourage more people to donate to the natural disaster victims in Lombok, NTB and Sigi, Central Sulawesi, Yayasan Allianz Peduli will hold a Lifechanger Concert on 9 March 2019 in Allianz Ecopark, Ancol Jakarta. The concert which is held in accordance with the National Music Day, will raise donations to be distributed through Habitat for Humanity Indonesia to build temporary shelters (Huntara) for the natural disaster victims in Lombok and Sigi. 

“Allianz is committed to change the lives of the people, not just by giving financial protection but also in their daily lives. Therefore, Yayasan Allianz Peduli have conducted numerous CSR activities that aims to help people, especially those that are impacted by the recent natural disasters. Continuing on that commitment, Allianz Indonesia support the Lifechanger Concert which will be a important moment to help more people who are affected by the natural disasters in Indonesia,” said Joos Louwerier, Advisory Board of Yayasan Allianz Peduli.

“Yayasan Allianz Peduli will hold the Lifechanger Concert that features musician who shared the same vision, that is helping others who have been affected by the natural disasters. We also work together with various parties such as Habitat for Humanity Indonesia and Java Festival Production that also shares the same commitment and to ensure that the social cause are distributed accordingly. We hope this music concert can increase the public awareness and raise donation which will be distributed to those in need,” said Mochamad Reza, Chairman Yayasan Allianz Peduli. 

“The support that we give to the natural disaster victims in Lombok and Sigi is temporary shelters. In addition to temporary shelters, we will also build sanitation facilities and trauma healing in the affected areas. We thank Yayasan Allianz Peduli for this social initiative and hope that more people can be helped and can continue with their lives,” saidSusanto, National Director Habitat for Humanity Indonesia.

The Lifechanger Concert allows public to donate by purchasing tickets because all of the proceeds will be donated through Habitat for Humanity Indonesia. The public can also donate temporary shelters (Huntara) which will be given the names of the donors. In addition, the musician participating in the Lifechanger Concert will also donate songs and their preloved items on the day of the concert.

“Java Festival Production cooperates with musicians that have the same commitment 
to support the Lifechanger Concert. We believe that doing good through music can build a positive spirit of helping each other that can be spread to everyone,” said Dewi Gontha, President Director Java Festival Production.

On top of buying Lifechanger Concert tickets and donating temporary shelters, people can also donate fund with a multiplication of Rp 100.000, buy ticket to meet and greet with musicians who participated in the Lifechanger Concert and buy merchandise. 

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