Where in the World to Go?

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HOLIDAY is coming. It’s a great time to take your children to have some unforgettable moment. But it doesn’t mean that they who don’t have any children yet, can not spend these days for a vacation. Holiday is for everyone. Let’s go and enjoy every minutes in a good way of fun.

Some places are offering some great facilities. A lot of children love to watch and meet some cartoon actors such as Lonely Tunes and Batman. These cartoon actors can be seen at Movie World, Australia. Not only watching, your children can also shake their hand directly.

Beside children, Australia is also a great place for adult, such as Melbourne. This city is one of favorite place for shopping. There is a place called Queen Victoria Market that sells everything you need. In this seven hectares area, there are at least one thousand retail traders. Queen Victoria Market is not a common market. For Australian, this market is a historical and interesting place for tourist, local and abroad.

Another destination for shopping is Bangkok. At a glance, this city has the same characters as Jakarta. Hot weather, traffic jam and retail traders are everywhere. But shopping is not the only activity here. Grand Palace is one of interesting places in Bangkok. Wat Phra Keow or Temple of the Emerald Buddha is in this area. People can see a Buddha Statue that was made of jade stone. The temple and the statue are the most sacred religious places in Thailand nowadays. There is a dress code to come to this temple. No short pants, short skirt and armless blouse.

The most popular places in Bangkok is the weekend market called Cak Tu Cak. It is known as the biggest market in Asia. Here, you can find pets, clothes, interior accessories, shoes, sandals, paintings and a lot of delicious food. As a common market, there are also singing beggars. Interior accessories and linen clothes are recommended things to buy, because they are cheap and difficult to find at other place.

Another recommended place to come is Narai Phan Shopping Centre. It is located in the middle of the city. You can find silver, pearl and other accessories with a good price. For example, an ethnic necklace in a good quality of stone and color is sold within only 290 Baht or Rp70.000. This is a must visit place for women.

Macau, this small city is like a shinning star now. A lot of tourists change their route from Hong Kong to Macau. Located at the south beach of china, Macau is known as a gamble city for a long time. There are big casinos such as Lisboa and the new one, Grand Lisboa. But now, this city is keep making up her self in to a beautiful city. Now, tourist will not only see a lot of casinos, but they also can see beautiful heritages everywhere. The present of integrated resort called Venetian, is also completed the entertainment side of Macau.

Walking down through the road of Macau will give an exotic experience. With a friendly weather, people can still enjoy a Sino-Latin environment. A lot of historical places are standing at the top of the list. Museum of Macau contains of information about the city. Wine Museum is also a must visit place. In this place you can see everything that related to Portuguese wine and the making.

Still wants to have some time to go shopping? No problem. Just come to Senado Square. You can find everything here. Branded and not branded clothes, make up, accessories, souvenirs. Delicious food is also easy to find.

The Beauty of Indonesia

Mostly, International tourism is more attractive for some people, but Indonesian tourism has its own interest point. The beautiful and natural view of Indonesia makes a lot of international tourists never turn around. So, what about the Indonesian?

The beauty of Indonesia is very famous in all over the world. There are a lot of interesting places spreading at every island. Java, with the active mountains is very attractive. Merapi Mountain is one of them. Even the mountain is going to explode; it still invites the curious of the tourists.

Tana Toraja. As far as the sight, exotic green hills are everywhere. It’s the real fascination of the place known as Tator. Rongkonan, the traditional house of Tana Toraja still can be seen originally. If you are luck, you can find the funeral traditional ceremony. The ceremony’s names are Rambu Taka and Rambu Solo. Really, it’s a unique ceremony to see.

Maritime tourism is also developed in Indonesia, such as at Wakatobi Island and Raja Ampat. The superiority of this tourism is the beautiful sea coral. At Wakatobi, the sea coral is very wide. The topography of the complex is also varitype, such as slope, flat, drop-off, atoll and underwater cave with variety sea creature. Specifically, Wakatobi has about 25 sea coral clusters with 750 species in it. Concerning of the potential, this area is very comfortable to do water activity such as diving, surfing, snorkeling and fishing.

Raja Ampat, some people called this place as a paradise. The sea coral at Raja Ampat is the most comprehensive in the world. 75 percent of 537 sea coral types in the world are found at Raja Ampat. At one of island at the east side of Indonesia is also found 1.104 fish types, 669 mollusc and 537 sea coral creature. It’s so amazing. For those who have adventure spirit can choose this place as your destination.

In Pangandaran,West Java, you also can find lot of fabulous beach. Batu Karash is one of them. The sand feels so soft at your feet. Try to surf on the wave. It will be an unforgettable experience for everyone. The place is also nice to have a barbeque party at the beach.

Not only beautiful natural views, Indonesia also has a lot of delicious food. Come to Solo and you will be spoiled by delicious culinary. Gudeg ceker and Surabi must be eaten when you come to this city. Friendly people and fantastic view of the city make the food more delicious. In Solo, the time runs very slowly, so it’s possible for you to enjoy every side of the city. (Ladia Chaniago)

Jakarta Globe, May 19, 2009

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