Introducing SENA Z.: The First AI Travel & Hospitality Influencer Designed by Cenizaro Hotels & Resorts 

Cenizaro Hotels and Resorts and BRACAI are proud to unveil SENA Z., the pioneering AI influencer marking a new era for the travel and hospitality industry. Aligned with the global hospitality brand’s fundamental principles, SENA Z. promises to imbue the digital travel sphere with a profound cultural narrative, offering her followers unparalleled travel insights, deep destination exploration and sustainable travel ideas.  

In response to the burgeoning presence of digital influencers across social platforms, Cenizaro is poised to embrace the innovation through introducing SENA Z. into the hospitality domain. Engineered to seamlessly integrate into the guest experience, SENA Z. introduces a new dimension to travel, empowering followers to embark on virtual journeys, discover new destinations, and glean valuable insights on sustainable practices, ultimately allowing them to make more informed travel decisions. 

SENA Z. exemplifies Cenizaro’s commitment to sustainability by leveraging digital influence to spotlight its global portfolio and beyond, cultivating a truly engaged audience. Through the launch of SENA Z., Cenizaro’s goal is to captivate audiences through cutting-edge technologies and inspiring adventures. Her mission goes beyond travel; it’s about championing a lifestyle of curiosity, personal growth, and appreciation for global diversity. 

A global travel companion, SENA Z.’s content will not be confined to the Cenizaro portfolio, but also follow her adventures to some of the lesser-known corners of the world. SENA Z. looks forward to partnering with tourism boards and travel organisations to showcase their hospitality offerings and rich cultures, SENA Z.’s goal is to inspire her followers to head out and explore the world around them. Her content will be centred around six core pillars: 

  • Culture: Showcasing local traditions, festivals, dishes and crafts 
  • Nature: beautiful landscapes, wildlife, flora and fauna indigenous to the destinations she visits 
  • Adventure: adrenaline fuelled activities from hiking and diving to jet skiing and jeep tours through the desert 
  • Sustainable Travel: eco-friendly travel and philanthropic initiatives to take part in 
  • Wellness: traditional spa treatments, how best to bask in the moment of travel and reconnect with what matters most 
  • Tips: rounding up must-visit spots in each location, and sharing advice on how best to experience different destinations 

“SENA Z. is about bridging tech with our love for exploration”, says Liza Quddoos, Director of Corporate Communications at Cenizaro. “She shows us how digital and human elements can enhance each other’s existence, enriching life rather than replacing our experiences.” 

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