Sarirasa Group’s Dedication to Wellbeing and Healthy Lifestyle

Exploring Sarirasa Group’s Emphasis on Wellbeing and Sustainable Culinary Choices

As Sarirasa Group marks its 50th anniversary, the renowned culinary innovator reaffirms its dedication to promoting well-being and a healthy lifestyle through a steadfast commitment to a non-GMO, non-artificial menu and a selection of vegetarian options.

With a rich history of crafting delectable dishes that prioritise quality and well-being, Sarirasa Group continues to lead the way in offering food that not only tantalises the taste buds but also nourishes the body and soul.

Sarirasa Group’s core philosophy revolves around the belief that food should be enjoyable while prioritising customers’ well-being. “We are excited to mark 50 years of serving our community with dishes prioritising health and well-being,” states Lavinia Siswadi, Head of Marketing at Sarirasa Group.

“Our dedication to offering food that contributes positively to our customers’ overall health underscores our commitment to their well-being.”

Sarirasa Group strongly emphasises promoting well-being and a healthy lifestyle through its culinary offerings. Each dish is carefully crafted to prioritise quality and nutritional value, ensuring customers enjoy delicious meals that contribute positively to their overall health.

This commitment extends to their vegetarian menu, designed to cater to individuals seeking healthier and more sustainable food choices.

In line with promoting well-being and a healthy lifestyle, Senayan Group offers diverse vegetarian options in response to the growing demand for more nutritious and sustainable food choices. Each dish is thoughtfully crafted to cater to individuals seeking wholesome vegetarian options.

“Our vegetarian menu showcases ingredients such as tempeh, tofu, bean sprouts (tauge), and more, all carefully selected for their non-GMO and non-chemical qualities,” explains Lavinia. “These options are available across our brands, from the famous Tahu Telur at Senayan Group, Mushroom Rendang at TeSaTe, to Tahu Tausi at Gopek House.”

At Sarirasa Group, the commitment to well-being transcends mere cuisine. Non-GMO and chemical-free options, alongside non-artificially coloured food selections, are proudly offered, with efforts to minimise the use of MSG. This dedication to utilising natural and wholesome ingredients reflects the unwavering pledge to prioritise the health and well-being of customers.

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