Prima Food Solutions with Green Rebel Foods Indonesia 

Healthy and Innovative Collaboration for Millennial and Gen-Z Consumers

In a groundbreaking move towards sustainability and culinary innovation, Prima Food Solutions has entered a strategic collaboration with Green Rebel Foods Indonesia. This partnership marks a significant step in the culinary industry, combining the expertise of Prima Food Solutions, a 27-year-old pastry and bakery manufacturer in Indonesia, with Green Rebel, the number 1 plant-based company in Southeast Asia.

Prima Food Solutions is a market leader of artisan pastries and bakery items, consistently striving to expand the market and deliver high-quality products. They have established extensive partnerships with various cafes and restaurants in Indonesia.

On the other hand, Green Rebel, specializing not only in plant-based meats with distinct Asian flavors but also operating for four years in Indonesia and expanding its presence to Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, and South Korea. Green Rebel also has 8 restaurant concept outlets named Burgreens in Jakarta and Bali.

The primary mission of this collaboration is to create culinary innovations using plant-based ingredients and products while emphasizing delicious flavors that remain familiar to the Indonesian palate, especially for those not yet accustomed to plant-based foods.

“For 27 years, Prima Food Solutions has been the top and superior choice in manufacturing bakery and pastry products in Indonesia. Not only experts in the field, but we also have a sufficiently extensive network and has been a trusted partner with many brands, cafes, and restaurants in Indonesia, in national sector.”

“Through the collaboration with Green Rebel, we aim to open up even broader opportunities to provide cutting-edge food innovations, especially in the plant-based category, and to prepare ourselves in entering the Southeast Asia market,” says Yota Ogura, Group President Director of Prima Food Solutions. 

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