Oh, Ovolo Goes Global with SLH

Do Good. Feel Good. Policy

  • Our focus is treading lightly- reducing energy, water, & carbon admissions  
  • Sustainable sourcing, Good Governance and lastly our communities  
  • As a group Happy, safe, and inspired workplaces  
  • Diversity, inclusion, and belonging
  • For us at Ovolo and what’s dear to the Girish heart is to focus on giving today’s kids a better chance tomorrow    

Ovolo Why:

  • We have a responsibility to contribute positively to the communities in which we operate.  
  • Fulfilling a Purpose Beyond Profit – by supporting initiatives related to education, health, environment, and social welfare, the impact we have contributes to the overall well-being of that society and provide a strong sense of meaning and motivation for our people.  
  • By actively engaging in philanthropy and community service, we can create a positive and sustainable impact that extends far beyond our business operations, that’s truly meaningful. 

About Small Luxury Hotels of the World: 

Small Luxury Hotels of the World™ (SLH) is the most desirable community of independently minded travellers and independently spirited hotels in the world. We turned the luxury boutique hotel into a phenomenon and selected the distinctive, the diverse and the downright delightful. People, places and experiences with individual character, intimate charm and inherent class. We’ve personally visited, vetted, and verified over 550 hotels in more than 90 countries.

We are envisioning a future where people experience the world with intention, experience its intensity and protect its integrity. Be part of the community – join us at INVITED, visit us at www.slh.com, contact travel agents or call the Small Luxury Hotels of the World VIP Desk. Click here to view a full contact listing by country.

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