Oh, Ovolo Goes Global with SLH

By Ovolo Collective:

  • Laneways by Ovolo (Melbourne, Australia) 
  • Mamaka by Ovolo (Bali, Indonesia)

This synergy amplifies the diversity and uniqueness of the offerings, creating a one-of-a-kind proposition for travellers seeking bespoke luxury designer experiences across continents.

Ryan Tuckerman, Group Director of Sales, Distribution & Revenue at Ovolo Hotels, added, “This partnership is a testament to the shared values and commitment to delivering exceptional guest experiences that both Ovolo and SLH have. The integration of our eight distinctive hotels into the SLH collection amplifies the diversity and uniqueness of our offerings, opening new and existing markets through increased sale and distribution networks. Together, we look forward to truly connecting with the independently minded traveller in our regions.”

The collaboration marks the beginning of a new era for Ovolo Hotels as SLH comes together to offer unparalleled experiences that transcend borders and redefine the very essence of bespoke designer luxury.

Mamaka By Ovolo – Bali, Indonesia 

Ovolo Nishi – Canberra, Australia

Ovolo Woolloomooloo – Sydney, Australia

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Laneways By Ovolo – Melbourne, Australia

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