Two Michelin-Starred Chef Syrco Bakker Set Up to Redefine Indonesia’s Dining Scene with Culinary Hub, Syrco BASE

History is about to be made in Indonesia with the grand opening of Syrco BASÈ in Ubud, Bali on 21 January, 2024. The pioneering culinary hub was created by two Michelin-starred chef Syrco Bakker and his culturally diverse team of culinary professionals, sommeliers, mixologists, architects, artists and designers.

Although the Michelin Guide is yet to enter Indonesia, this is the first time a two-starred chef has established a restaurant in the country, and the archipelago’s extraordinary produce, culinary traditions, artisans, farmers and fishers — along with Chef Syrco’s Indonesian roots — are celebrated throughout the five distinct areas of the culinary hub.

Standing regally at the entrance is a banyan fig tree, considered sacred by Balinese Hindus. It is enfolded by a towering mosaic depicting the diamond motif rangrang, a ceremonial cloth from the island of Nusa Penida off Bali’s southeast coast.

Reverence for the tree and Bali’s unique living heritage seamlessly continues in the tranquil expanse of Syrco BASÈ‘s garden. Flush with native vegetables, herbs, aromatics and edible flowers used in the kitchens and bar,

the garden serves an educational purpose for both guests and the culinary team. While one garden bed is meandering, the other is geometric; a testament to Chef Syrco’s meticulous precision and passion for experimentation.

With its terracotta walls, wood paneling, and locally woven soft furnishings, Syrco BASÈ Restaurant is a two-floor sanctum thoughtfully blending nature with culinary artistry. Elegant yet warm and welcoming with seating capacity for 50, its generously spaced tables ensure intimacy and atmosphere while the adjacent servers’ stations encourage closer connection with guests.

The role of the servers in communicating details about each dish and beverage cannot be underestimated, as each creation — or ‘moment’ as the culinary team calls them — encapsulates Chef Syrco’s guiding principles of Traceability, Nature, and Transparency.

Rather than simply focusing on sustainability, Chef Syrco and his team engage in constant dialogue with each ingredient’s supplier to ensure that every step in the supply chain is one of fairness, integrity and respect.

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