Vagabondo: The Culinary and Artistic Odyssey in The Heart of Bali

Vagabondo, state-of-the-art restaurant on Jalan Petitenget in Seminyak, continues to enhance Bali’s vibrant dining scene. Morris Levis, the artist behind the brand, aims to present Vagabondo not only as a restaurant but also as an art house filled with unforgettable stories. 

“Vagabondo is a place that brings back history and various moments from the past and present, classic and modern. It’s like a house that brings people together to enjoy a good meal, have some fun, and cherish the joy together,” Morris explains.

From its culinary artistry to its ambiance, every aspect of Vagabondo is crafted to harmonize with and appeal to the senses. Being stylish doesn’t mean being stiff, Morris stated that Vagabondo existed to loosen people’s rigidity about art, food, and life. Vagabondo provides this feeling through a variety of sharing menus, engaging people to connect.

An Ambiance Beyond Borders

Entering Vagabondo feels like stepping into an artist’s house. Vagabondo’s artistic touch is not only evident in their food but stretched to everything from the architecture, the decor, the elegant plating of each dish, to the artful flourish of the handwritten menus, all this transpires with art being the essence of Vagabondo.

Vagabondo’s stylish yet cozy design draws you into a journey fused with European flair. Guests’ comfort is number one in Vagabondo’s mind, achieved by having fewer tables, which enhances a sense of privacy yet creates a deeper sense of connection among diners.

The ambiance in Vagabondo is meticulously composed to slow the passage of time, just like this European way of life, cultivating an atmosphere where guests can fully engage in the pleasures of good company, amazing food, fine wine, and stimulating conversations.

Cooking up Art in the Kitchen

With Greek food gaining popularity globally, Vagabondo uniquely fuses Greek cuisine with Mediterranean flavors for a modern twist, transporting every diner somewhere in Europe without ever leaving Bali.

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