Sunday Folks Presents Sweet Festive Hampers

Make the holiday season more festive with hampers full of sweet treats by Sunday Folks.

Indulge in a sweet symphony of flavors this festive season as Sunday Folks unveils its exquisite range of Christmas hampers. Elevate the holiday celebrations with these carefully curated selections, blending the finest ingredients with artisanal expertise.

Sunday Folks’ Season of Gifting hampers feature a delightful ensemble of richly flavored financiers, a delightful almond cake and Almond Thins crafted for the art of festive gifting. The hampers collection promises a delicious and festive way to celebrate the season of joy.

Classic Sweet Duo

This alluring hamper comprises a variety of financiers (9 pieces) and three packs of crisp Almond Thins, creating an irresistibly tempting combination. The package is available at IDR 180,000.

Festive Financiers

Indulge in the joy of the holidays with Sunday Folks’ delightful assortment of festive financiers. This charming box is brimming with 30 pieces of bite-sized almond cakes, offering the perfect treat for festive celebrations. The package is available at IDR 280,000.

Almond Thins

True to its name, the homemade Almond Thins present thin, crispy almond cookies with a delicate sweetness and nutty undertones, making them the ideal choice for celebrations. The package is available at IDR 140,000.

Festive Noel Duo

The harmonious duo of exquisite treats consists of a box of 30 delicate financiers and the masterpiece Almond Thins offering a delightful symphony of taste and sophistication. The package is available at IDR 380,000.

Deep Dark Wonderland Cake

Experience pure joy in a box filled with indulgence – an irresistible, luscious dark chocolate cake awaits. Each layer is generously coated with a decadent 54.5% cacao ganache frosting, promising a rich and seductive flavor experience in every bite. The cake is available at IDR 700,000.

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