Discover the Heart of Wonderful Indonesia with Marriott Bonvoy Rewards

Shifting to Lombok, a seaside resort stands as a gateway to the island’s natural wonders. Here, the adventurous can trek the iconic Mount Rinjani, and those seeking serenity can find solace on the untouched beaches on the tranquil island. In picturesque Kepulauan Riau, travelers can discover the beauty of the archipelagic gem. And Belitung, with its pristine white-sand beaches and crystal-clear waters, is a paradise for beach enthusiasts.

Whether it’s the artistry of Bali or the raw beauty of Belitung, Lombok and Kepulauan Riau, Marriott Bonvoy ensures that travelers experience a seamless blend of comfort and authenticity, encapsulating Indonesia’s diverse island allure.

For Distinctive City Getaways

Indonesia’s big cities brims with life and culture, presenting unparalleled experiences. Dive deep into Jakarta’s vibrant rhythms, accentuated by its breathtaking nighttime vistas. In Bandung, the heart of West Java, four properties offer a gateway to the city’s unique blend of tradition and contemporary chic, making it an ideal retreat for those seeking relaxation and immersion in the city’s artistic delights.

While Marriott Bonvoy properties in Surabaya ensure that every exploration of this thriving metropolis is marked by elegance, a perfect base for discovering the city’s dynamic treasures and lively atmosphere.

For Urban Explorations

Indonesia’s urban landscapes welcome travelers to discover vibrant culture and unforgettable experiences. From the delectable array of local culinary delights of Medan to the coastal charm of Makassar, the historical allure of Yogyakarta, the dynamic atmosphere of Balikpapan, and the lively energy of Manado, an extensive collection of properties cater to every traveler’s desires.

Uncover Indonesia’s Essence with Marriott Bonvoy Rewards

“Wonderful Indonesia: Go Where the Heart Takes You” offers members the chance to earn bonus points while indulging in memorable experiences across Indonesia. From September 12 to December 6, 2023, registered members will receive 1,500 bonus points for their stays. Furthermore, those who venture to three distinct Marriott brands during this timeframe will be graced with an additional 3,000 bonus points, emphasizing the breadth and diversity of Marriott Bonvoy’s hospitality offerings.

To be eligible for the promotion, registration is available until November 22, 2023, for the stay period between September 12, 2023, and December 6, 2023. The earning period for this promotion pertains to eligible paid stays that are personally completed and paid for by the registered member.

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