Upcycling for Love

It is hoped that the ” Upcycling for Love” campaign can inspire and invite more people to participate in helping Natha Satwa complete the development of their new shelter and more than just raising funds; this is a movement to raise awareness, bring positive change, and share love for abandoned animals in need. By supporting this initiative, you don’t just buy clothes; but also help abandoned animals find their homes filled with love and care.

The journey of this campaign will be outlined in a video documentation that will be produced by SyndicateTV which will be distributed to the wider community with the hope that it will continue to be an inspiration and reminder for us to always care to protect and love the abandoned animals around us.

The ” Upcycling for Love” campaign is a collective movement initiated by Creative Tribe, in collaboration with Pable Indonesia, Buru Studio, and Syndicate TV, and supported by Psychloop and Dikolam.

You can also save these animals and change their fate by visiting and donating at nsn-foundation.or.id/en/donation.

For more information about this campaign, check Instagram @nathasatwanusantara @ctribejkt @buru.studio 

About Natha Satwa Nusantara

Natha Satwa Nusantara is a dedicated organization working tirelessly to protect and promote the welfare of domestic animals in Indonesia. They aim to provide abandoned animals with the love and care they deserve while fostering a compassionate community of animal lovers.

About Creative Tribe

Creative Tribe is a creative agency with passionate creative talents, that creates value-based and multi-dimension of ideas and communication. Creative Tribe aims to be a unique creative agency that grows bigger by empowering communities. 

About Pable Indonesia

Pable Indonesia is an eco-conscious company focusing on textile waste management, introducing the Sustainable Circular Textile program with circular economy as its main concept.

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