Upcycling for Love

Moved to help Natha Satwa create a better and more appropriate shelter and protection home for abandoned animals, Creative Tribe, Buru Studio, and Pable Indonesia collaborate to campaign “Upcycling for Love”

In Indonesia, many abandoned animals need care, love, and a proper place to live. Natha Satwa Nusantara as an animal protection foundation dedicated to abandoned animals in Indonesia continues to try to save and rehabilitate these animals.

Natha Satwa Nusantara needs our help to raise funds to build a bigger and more comfortable shelter so that these abandoned animals receive better care in a place where not many people care about them.

Creative Tribe, a creative agency based in Jakarta, took the initiative to help Natha Satwa Nusantara through the “Upcycling for Love” campaign. By collaborating with Pable Indonesia and Buru Studio, who welcomed with great enthusiasm, the three of them collaborated to invite the public to participate in helping Natha Satwa create a more suitable shelter for abandoned animals.

The concept of ” Upcycling for Love” is to provide new value to unused clothing, which is reprocessed into new fabric by Pable Indonesia, and then continued by Buru Studio to be re-designed into unique and creative animal clothing and merchandise. An upcycle process that changes something that was previously neglected or abandoned into an abundance of love.

These unique creations not only create a bond between owners and their pets but also serve as a reminder that these abandoned animals need our attention and now is the time to give them that abundance of love.

Upcycling for Love pet clothing and merchandise is being produced in limited quantities and will be available to the public at the end of September. These products will be offered through an online auction process via Instagram @buru.studio on 29 September – 1 October 2023, the the result of the auction will be given as a donation to Natha Satwa

As a celebration, a casual gathering event for pet lovers will be held on October 7 2023 at Dikolam Kemang starting at 15.00 WIB. While enjoying exciting activities and entertainment, in this event, auction winners will receive the animal clothing and merchandise they won. The limited Event Merch made by Buru Studio will be also launched for public sale, and will also be a donation for Natha Satwa. 

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