Kama Cuisine & Libations, Jakarta’s Newest Culinary Gem 

An elegant new restaurant has opened in the dynamic Senopati area offering bold Pan-Asian flavors centered on a wood-fire grill. 

Kama Cuisine & Libations by Raya has opened its doors in the vibrant neighborhood of Senopati, South Jakarta. This exciting addition to the city’s culinary scene promises to ignite every senses and satisfy deepest desires for exceptional food and beverages, and interior design. 

This concept is a passion project brought to life by husband and wife Feisal Hamka and Noi Aswari and their partners under their holding company, Raya. The word kama is derived from the Sanskrit word meaning “desire,” “love,” or “pleasure,” and encapsulates Kama’s essence of living, eating, and celebrating life. 

“My husband and I are passionate explorers, seeking the finest dining adventures around the globe. Kama is our second home where we delight in hosting people and present the best culinary experience for our friends and family. Our desire for exceptional cuisine and unforgettable moments come together in perfect harmony at Kama,” said Noi. 

Kama’s interior is a masterpiece by the renowned Jakarta-based design firm Gondo & Jules incorporating a warm and inviting atmosphere accentuated by the use of fire colors—blue and red. This fusion of design elements creates a sophisticated and inviting ambiance complementing the restaurant’s amber-colored décor in 2 floors, accommodating 57 seats on the first floor and 59 seats at the bar area. 

The logo features stacked wood, embodies the restaurant’s connection to nature, charcoal, mountains, and volcanoes, hinting at the rich, diverse and full-bodied flavors that await diners. At the heart of KAMA lies a culinary experience like no other centered on an open-fire modern pan Asian grill. 

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