Turtle Conservation at Goa Cemara Beach, Yogyakarta

The Housekeeping Central Region of Archipelago carried out a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity at Goa Cemara Beach on Saturday, August 12, 2023. This event was participated by 31 housekeepers from hotels in Central Java & DIY, namely Aston Inn Pandanaran, Aston Inn Cilacap, Aston Bojonegoro, Aston Imperium Purwokerto, Aston Solo, Favehotel Diponegoro, Favehotel Kusumanegara, Favehotel Malioboro, Favehotel Solo, Favehotel Rembang, Neo Candi Semarang, Neo Malioboro, Royal Malioboro, Quest Prime Pemuda, Quest Simpang Lima, The Alana Solo, The Alana Malioboro, The Alana Yogyakarta, and Neo Gading.

Goa Cemara Beach is located on the South Ring Road, Sanden Subdistrict, Bantul Regency, Special Region of Yogyakarta, which is home to hundreds of green turtles or Green Sea Turtles and loggerhead turtles.

The purpose of this CSR activity is to preserve the marine turtle ecosystem, environmental sustainability, and the cleanliness of the beach area. 

Accompanied by beach custodians, the participants were taken to the turtle-breeding area, in which The Alana Malioboro had contributed to the construction of the turtle breeding facility back in the year 2017.

In that area, CSR participants are given guidance by the beach management on how to handle tukik or baby turtles and knowledge about the history of Goa Cemara Beach. Afterward, the CSR participants were led to the turtle-release area, and together, they released the tukik into the sea.

Following that, the CSR participants walked along the beach towards the zero meters above sea level (mdpl) point of Goa Cemara Beach while cleaning the beach and picking up litter along the shores of Goa Cemara Beach.

Upon reaching the sea level zero point, the participants gathered and proceeded with a certificate presentation session by the beach custodians to Novia Agustin, the Corporate Executive Housekeeper of Archipelago, and Fazrin Rizki Septiadi, the Corporate Assistant Executive Housekeeper of Archipelago.

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