Healthy Skin is a Reflection of Overall Wellness Discover The Inner Secrets of Hormones and Outer Beauty at RAKxa Wellness

RAKxa Wellness Tips for Your Skin

It is crucial to limit your daily sugar intake. Collagen, the main structural protein of the skin, can be bound by sugar molecules, forming toxic substances called Advanced Glycation End products (AGEs) that disrupt collagen’s function. Higher sugar intake also contributes to more visible sagging skin and wrinkles. By reducing sugar consumption, you can delay the onset of AGEs’ formation and preserve a more youthful appearance. It is also advisable to keep sugary treats and dairy products far from the kitchen. Avoiding dairy items like cheese, ice cream and butter can provide relief for individuals with acne-prone skin.

August Wellness Activity: Self-Facial Acupressure For Uplifting and Toning

Facial puffiness and tiredness are body reactions from allergies or unhealthy lifestyle choices such as sleep deprivation and overindulging in a high-sodium or high-sugar diet. While repeated facial expressions from stress are one of the culprits making your face look older and your facial expression unwelcoming.

On 8th August, Lek Sirirat, RAKxa Jai’s Senior Spa Therapist, with 25 years of experience in facial massage will walk guests through self-facial acupressure. This self-healing touch technique involves applying mild-to-moderate pressure to specific points on the face to relax the overactive muscles, reduce various expression lines, and naturally lift up the face.

In this workshop, guests will learn techniques to enhance blood and lymph microcirculation beneath the skin, reducing facial puffiness by enhancing the clearance of metabolic wastes and excess water from the skin layer while delivering nutrients and oxygen to facial skin cells. A technique to add to our daily skin pampering routine to prevent premature wrinkles and sagging of the face.

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  • RAKxa is a new approach to being well that is personalised to meet the unique needs of each guest. By treating the body as a whole and addressing the root cause of any ‘dis-ease’, RAKxa enables anyone, whatever their state of wellbeing, to restore and maintain optimum health.
  • A fully integrative wellness and medical retreat, RAKxa leads the way with its visionary approach, where holistic therapies and technology combine to deliver completely unique treatments.
  • A luxury retreat located within Bangkok’s ‘Green Lung’, RAKxa embraces the very best of its natural setting and Thailand’s warm hospitality. A place to relax, tune in and unleash your core, RAKxa offers a wellness experience that continues long after you leave.
  • Our all-encompassing health and wellness treatments cover all dimensions of the self: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. We combine technology and tradition to reward you with measurable results. RAKxa’s unique programme helps you build wholesome routines and practices, creating and reaching goals that move you ever closer to optimal wellbeing.

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