Celebrating World Bathing Day 

Award-Winning Karma Spa at Karma Kandara Launches Bali’s First Ocean-View Magnesium Ice Bath 

A fleet of new experiences have landed at the award-winning Karma Spa. These include a riveting menu of unique Balinese Healers, a live Sound Healing Massage and the new Fire + Ice Bath Ritual encompassing an Infrared Sauna, Ocean Shower and Magnesium Ice Bath! 

Karma Spa located within the grounds at Karma Kandara along the Bukit Peninsula has long been celebrated for its cliff-hanging thatched Spa Bales and Ocean Spa Suite. Set into the rugged cliffs with 180 degrees overlooking the Indian ocean, Karma Spa is considered to be one of the most beautiful locations for spa on the island.

Just in time for World Bathing Day on June 22nd, the new ‘Fire + Ice Ritual’ is a one-hour fun hot and cold circuit of Infrared Sauna, Ocean Shower, a warm soaking pool – and Ice Bath! It’s designed to supercharge one’s health by boosting circulation, detoxification, mental focus and skin glow. As well, this can be paired with massages, detox scrubs, oxygen boosting facials and so much more. 

Ice baths are one of the fastest growth trends in the wellness world today. They are considered a ‘biohacking’ treatment that is essentially described as a ‘do-it-yourself biology aimed at improving one’s performance. Radical innovations like ice bathing are believed to help rewire the brain and body, reducing inflammation and accelerating the body’s healing process. 

Karma Spa takes the ice bath immersion a step further with adding magnesium-rich salts that makes it one of the only Magnesium Ice Baths in the world today! 

Guests can level up their magnesium ice bath with a deep tissue Karma Fit Massage afterwards.

Don’t just take our word for it. Karma Ambassadors Dane Haylett-Petty and Tim Walsh were one of the first to enjoy this signature treatment. 

Says Haylett-Petty: “I would highly recommend this treatment for those working on muscle recovery, reducing stress, or even improving brain function.”

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