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DoctorTool Supports Indonesian Medical Tourism at the 2nd National Congress of the Indonesian Doctors Association in Takengon, Aceh

The Indonesian government continues to strive to encourage domestic medical tourism, which is currently considered to be below the target. One of the goals of medical tourism itself is to prevent Indonesian people, especially the upper middle class who currently prefer to seek treatment abroad, which causes Indonesia to lose IDR 170 trillion per year.

Chairman of the Indonesian Medical Tourism Association, Taufik said, Indonesia’s potential for medical tourism is extraordinary. However, currently Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand still dominate Southeast Asian medical tourism with a turnover of IDR 150 trillion per year. Therefore, DoctorTool has contributed to supporting ASKLIN to improve the quality of health service facilities and develop medical tourism in Indonesia.

At the 2nd National Congress of the Indonesian Clinics Association, DoctorTool as the main sponsor also had the opportunity to present its products so that they would be better known by the Chairmen of the Indonesian Clinics Association from various other regions in Indonesia.

This event has several core agendas, such as Panel Discussions to Support Themes, Discussion of Organizational Issues at Organizational Meetings, Scientific Meetings in the Context of Sustainable Clinic Business, and Medical Tourism Activities in Takengon, Aceh Tengah.

“DoctorTool feels very proud to be the main sponsor of the 2nd National Congress of the Indonesian Clinics Association in supporting Indonesian Medical Tourism. This event is a golden opportunity for us to introduce our three products more broadly to all communities, so that DoctorTool can truly become a digital solution for clinics in Indonesia in improving services in this all-digital era,” explained Rainaldo, CEO of DoctorTool, to the media crew at the sponsor’s booth.

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DoctorTool is a Healthcare Facility Information System that has served more than 400+ health service facilities in 29 provinces in Indonesia. DoctorTool helps healthcare facility owners to operate their healthcare facilities better and more effectively. DoctorTool’s vision is to create a trusted digital ecosystem in improving public health.

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