2024 Thailand Healthcare and Beauty Business Matching

Thailand Leads in Providing Advanced and Affordable Healthcare Solutions in the Southeast Asian Market

Thailand continues to lead in providing affordable yet advanced medical care with the 2024 Thailand Healthcare and Beauty Business Matching event. This prestigious event, hosted by the Thai Trade Center (TTC) Jakarta under the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP), Ministry of Commerce Thailand aims to foster collaboration and growth in the healthcare and beauty sectors between Thailand and Indonesia.

The event featuring 20 delegates from Thailand, will be held on August 7, 8, 9, 2024 that includes seminars by influential speakers from the healthcare and beauty industry, business matching sessions at the Kempinski Hotel Jakarta, and market surveys focusing on healthcare and beauty sectors.

“The expansion of Thailand’s healthcare and beauty businesses into Indonesia will not only open new opportunities for entrepreneurs but also strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries,” said Mrs. Hataichanok Sivara, Director of Thai Trade Center Jakarta.

This event aims to motivate Thai healthcare and beauty business entrepreneurs to expand their operations into the Indonesian market. “We are dedicated to enhancing the network between Thai and Indonesian entrepreneurs with a focus on sustainable cooperation and successful business growth,” Mrs. Sivara stated.

Additionally, this event will highlight the advantages of Thai healthcare and beauty businesses to the Indonesian market, as well as conduct in-depth market surveys in Jakarta to gather valuable insights and understand local market dynamics.

This event is set to be a crucial platform for Indonesian entrepreneurs in the healthcare and beauty sectors, offering opportunities to discover new prospects, establish valuable connections, and promote their businesses on an international scale. 

Global Healthcare and Beauty Industry Development

The global healthcare and beauty industry is experiencing significant positive trends and rapid growth across multiple sectors.

In 2022, according to Grand View Research, the global medical tourism market was valued at USD 115.6 billion and is projected to reach USD 346.1 billion by 2032. Key drivers of this growth include the rising burden of diseases, advances in medical technology, availability of treatments not available at home, and lower costs.

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