DoctorTool Invited to Participate in Singapore UBS Healthtech Summit 2023

DoctorTool is one of the healthtech companies in Indonesia that was invited to participate in the UBS Healthtech Summit 2023 on Thursday, May 24, 2023 in Singapore. DoctorTool team is very pleased to be able to participate in such an event, one of which is to introduce DoctorTool to the wider public both at the national and international level, expand the network, and also open up opportunities for companies to invest in it.

UBS Healthtech Summit 2023 is an excellent networking opportunity for investors looking to learn about the trends and technologies in the healthcare sector. There were four main focuses in that event, they are Preventive Care, Precision Treatment, Longevity, and Investing and Impact.

“This event provides great inspiration and impact for healthtech companies to continue to innovate in the health sector and also increase investment support from interested parties in the health sector,” explained Rainaldo, CEO of DoctorTool to the media after the event.

A total of thirteen companies from around the world participated in UBS Healthtech Summit 2023, namely AmatarGroup, Celligenics, CellVec Private Ltd., FathomX Pte Ltd., Heal Venture Lab, LongevityX, Inc., Nuevocor Pte. Ltd., Perspectum, PT Medela Potentia (Dexa Group), PT Medifa Infoyasa Suryantara (DoctorTool), UMedic Group, Wuyi Hujun Investment Limited Partner, and Xeraya Capital.

About DoctorTool

DoctorTool is a Clinic Information System that has served more than 400+ health service facilities in 29 provinces in Indonesia. DoctorTool helps clinic owners to operate their clinics better and more effectively. DoctorTool’s vision is to create a trusted digital ecosystem in improving public health.

Clinic owners can take advantage of DoctorTool’s various features, ranging from electronic medical records, pharmacy, clinic financial reporting, BPJS P-Care and JKN Mobile bridging features, to connectivity with the Ministry of Health’s SATUSEHAT platform.

DoctorTool is also registered in Kominfo as a PSE in the health sector. Clinics wishing to join as DoctorTool partners can visit DoctorTool’s website

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