Singapore: A City in Nature Where Large Experiences Come with Small Footprints 

A variety of exciting and sustainable experiences await in Singapore. 

Singapore has reached a significant milestone in its ongoing commitment to sustainability by obtaining certification as a sustainable destination from the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC).

This recognition serves as a testament to Singapore’s unwavering commitment to sustainable tourism practices, and it presents Indonesia travelers with an enticing opportunity to experience a destination where environmental preservation goes hand-in-hand with captivating and enjoyable experiences. 

Sustainability has been a cornerstone of Singapore’s vision for a brighter future. Guided by the Singapore Green Plan 2030, the city continues its journey as a City in Nature, where large experiences come with small footprints.

Singapore weaves together lush greenery, iconic landmarks, and immersive attractions, providing travelers with an unparalleled chance to immerse themselves in exciting adventures while upholding environmental values. Whether you’re visiting for leisure or business purposes, Singapore emerges as the ultimate urban destination of choice, skillfully blending sustainability, and unforgettable experiences. 

Discover Singapore’s sustainable leisure experiences 

Singapore is home to many iconic and beautifully designed landmarks. However, the destination offers much more than that. These attractions and experiences are purposefully built with sustainability in mind.

As you traverse the city’s architectural marvels, lush gardens, and innovative spaces, you’ll discover a harmonious blend of aesthetics and environmental consciousness. Some examples: 

Gardens by the Bay – The living embodiment of the ‘City in a Garden’ concept, it houses over 1.5 million plants in the Gardens (which helps to offset CO2 in the city). The Super Trees function as air venting ducts for nearby conservatories, absorbing and dispersing heat. Eleven are fitted with solar photovoltaic systems that convert sunlight into energy. Education programs for local schools on sustainability and nature are also frequently held. 

Supertree at Gardens by the Bay, a marvelous charm in environmental sustainability 

Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) – RWS is dedicated to identifying and mitigating the impacts that their facilities and operations have on the environment. In 2021, RWS secured GSTC- Destination certification, the first destination to do so in Southeast Asia.

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