TotalAgility 7.11

Improve Business Critical Operations Through Data-Intensive Workflow Automation and Actionable Insights with TotalAgility 7.11 

Kofax®, a leading provider of Intelligent Automation software, is excited to announce the latest release of TotalAgility® – a low-code Intelligent Automation Platform.

TotalAgility 7.11 adds several improvements, such as enhanced Intelligent Document Processing (IDP), new low code design features, and enhanced DevSecOps capabilities.

TotalAgility 7.11 helps businesses better address critical, unstructured data out-of-the-box, facilitate adoption of automation amongst developers and business users alike, and scale automation securely in the cloud amongst distributed workforces.

Core to the TotalAgility platform is our AI powered IDP technology, which enables lightning-fast extraction of unstructured data. TotalAgility transforms content and data centric workflows, touching more than 5 billion documents annually for organizations around the world.

Organizations are deploying TotalAgility against difficult and mission critical use cases like claims processing and loan servicing to reduce total processing time by as much as 75% or more.

TotalAgility 7.11 includes an enhanced AI engine with more out of the box models for advanced table extraction to accelerate time to value for use cases such as financial statement and utility bill processing that include data-intensive, complex tabular structures.

TotalAgility 7.11 customers can also now automate tasks 50% faster with our new Quick RPA (Robotic Process Automation) designer that continues our strategy of making TotalAgility accessible to citizen developers.

Quick RPA provides a highly intuitive interface to create comprehensive workflow solutions that involve orchestration of RPA bots without writing a single line of code. The result is a significant boost in deployment and productivity.

TotalAgility 7.11 also features robust DevSecOps enhancements to protect sensitive data. The platform supports storage of credentials and other sensitive data in external cloud repositories like Azure Key Vault or AWS (Amazon Web Services) Secret Manager.

This allows enterprises to integrate seamlessly with existing IT standards while minimizing any sensitive data maintained within TotalAgility. Improved governance includes solution rollback to allow for more efficient resolution of issues when upgrading the software.

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