Bar Vera, an Idyllic Bistro that Brings the New Generation Parisian Dining Experience to Its Guests

As more restaurants open in Bali, each dining establishment strives to offer not only carefully crafted dishes but also a unique ambiance for their patrons. Bar Vera, the latest addition to Bali’s food and beverage scene, is a picturesque dining venue that blends European delights with modern, casual city vibes to create a charming atmosphere.

Imagine a space with a private dining room that can accommodate up to 65 guests, situated within the Further Hotel, an 11-room boutique hotel in Pererenan. Bar Vera was conceptualized by the masterminds of the Mason team, with the goal of elevating the dining experience by incorporating a contemporary vibe.

Upon entering the venue, the inspiration behind Bar Vera becomes evident: present-day Parisian wine bars and bistros, with classic techniques and produce-driven dishes infused to a modern twist. Bar Vera offers an array of European wines and cocktails, reminiscent of the drinking cultures of Europe.

The design, created by AD100 architects MORQ and styled by interior design practice Studio Wenden, evokes an idyllic Parisian neighbourhood vibe. The service is friendly and attentive, adding a touch of refinement to the vibrant atmosphere.

The name “Bar Vera” pays tribute to the popular neighbourhood bars and bistros of Europe, where stylish patrons unwind over good food and drinks, enjoying each other’s company. Vera is derived from Veritas, the virtue of truthfulness, reflected in the place’s menu and service.

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