Converse Initiates “Connect with The Unexpected”

Uniting Young Musicians with Different Backgrounds, Basboy and Feel Koplo in One Collaborative Musical Experience

The new track will be featured in the Converse All Star Anthem, the brand’s latest global music release

Converse continues its journey to support personal expressions by bringing together emerging talents to collaborate in creating unique music to inspire movement and spark connection. The brand has partnered with Basboi, rapper and Converse Indonesia All Star, and Feel Koplo, an Indonesian artist and local Dangdut Remix DJ to produce a unique next level of creation in the form of melodies, rhythms, songs, and even up to the making of the music videos and the “Behind the Scene” segment which brings together two musicians from different backgrounds, culturally, socially and musically. 

Launching on February 17th, 2023, the track explores the modern and trendy Hip-Hop genre mashed with the local dangdut music remix which incorporates traditional Sundanese music instruments such as the flute and the drum and will be available for listening online or streaming. 

Converse believes that music is a limitless medium of expression that can be used by every individual to reflect the cultural diversity dynamics while at the same time bridging them in the form of sounds, songs and rhythms that are so unique and one of a kind that they can inspire an idea that can develop into a movement and spark a connection among the audience, just as music is an aspect of creativity infused with art, style and sport that is able to connect everyone across the boundaries of languages, cultures and regions.

On one hand, this campaign is a rare opportunity for the public to be able to observe a unique collaborative creative process closely, while for the artists involved, it provides a golden opportunity for them to create. 

“This collaboration feels like a dream comes true,” said Feel Koplo. “I hope that young Indonesians do not have to hesitate to work or aim for what they want anymore. Just let go! Everything is open and very accessible nowadays. Anything is possible!”

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