Bank OCBC NISP Recorded Positive Performance in 2022 

As a bank established for 81 years in Indonesia, Bank OCBC NISP has the vision to realize customers’ aspirations by providing comprehensive financial service solutions. It is reflected in the Bank’s assets increased by 11% YoY to IDR238.5 trillion, resulting in the growth of net profit by 32% YoY in 2022. This growth was driven by 14% YoY growth in net interest income and a decrease of 25% YoY in allowance for impairment losses. 

At the end of 2022, Bank OCBC NISP recorded loan disbursement increased by 14% YoY, due to 13% YoY growth in business banking loans and 16% YoY growth in retail banking loans. Moreover, as one of the supporting factors in retail banking segments, consumer loans grew by 24% to IDR21.9 trillion. 

The Bank is also committed to maintaining quality in loans disbursement, as proven by Gross NPL at 2.4% and the allowance to Gross NPL is also in a prudent position above 200%. 

Parwati Surjaudaja, President Director of Bank OCBC NISP stated, “The growth in loan disbursement is directly proportional to the growing economic activity and public optimism which contributes positively to the national economic recovery. Hence, we appreciate our stakeholders for trusting Bank OCBC NISP as a banking partner in managing their finances.” 

As for customer deposits, the Bank posted positive growth with savings increased by 22% YoY – meaning that Bank OCBC NISP’s initiatives in encouraging Indonesian people to be more #financiallyfit, gained positive results. 

In 2022, the Bank’s wealth management overall products transactions for mutual funds, bancassurance, and marketable securities transactions resulted a 9% YoY growth in income.

The wealth management business contributed 30% of fee-based income, mainly from above product’s sales transactions. Along with this growth, Bank OCBC NISP continues to provide added value to customers by providing a strong, capable Wealth Management Advisory Team who can assist customers in maximizing strategic financial management, even amid these volatile market conditions. 

The Growth of Digital Transaction 

Bank OCBC NISP recorded an increase in individual customers digital activity through mobile banking application, ONe Mobile – an application to grow money, by 37% YoY. The growth of foreign currency transactions through ONe Mobile also grew very well. It reflects that ONe Mobile’s features are well- accepted by customers to support their needs in wealth management and daily banking transactions.

Furthermore, the Bank will continue accelerating digital capabilities such that customers could enjoy the best benefits for their financial goals and build passive income through the many choices for investment. Thus, they can become more #financiallyfit. 

In the business banking segment, the Bank also noted 18% increment in users of Velocity, application that provides easy business transactions. This growth indicates that more businesses are conducting banking activities through Bank OCBC NISP’s integrated digital channels to grow and operate their businesses efficiently.

Photo by Dmitry Demidko on Unsplash

Support Entrepreneurs to #Step Up Their Business 

The Bank’s commitment to support entrepreneurs in Indonesia is manifested in the Bank’s collaboration with cross-industry organizations, including GE Healthcare Indonesia in supporting affordable public health services, and eFishery to build Aquaculture Ecosystem by providing financing facilities for eFishery’s farmers through OCBC NISP KTA Cashbiz Program, and accessible in eFishery Kabayan program. 

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