SipEasy Coffee Bringing New Sensation in Coffee Enjoyment

Indonesian coffee shop industry, especially in Jakarta is showing new signs of living after 2 years of inactivity during the pandemic. Such warm indication is marked by the growing number of frequent visitors to coffee shops in Jakarta upon the lifting of social mobility limitations. 

“Therefore we considered that this is the best time to open our first outlet, namely SipEasy Coffee powered by its famous blend of cold brew coffee known as coffee mocktails and coffee cocktails combining ambience coffee shop that is casual and relaxing,” explained Rara Wilis, cofounder as well as managing director of SipEasy Coffee during SipEasy Coffee launching at Jalan Senopati No.46, South Jakarta.

As a coffee enthusiast, Rara has strong reasons to highlight cold brew coffee at SipEasy Coffee. “Other than regular coffee drinks (such as espresso, americano, cappuccino, etc.), we also provide a series of cold brew-based coffee, namely coffee mocktails and coffee cocktails with dozens of menu variations of cold brew,” Rara further said.

Coffee mocktails at SipEasy Coffee features top quality coffee from Bumi Nusantara with a classic blend with or without milk, as well as optional tropical fruit blend. Meanwhile, for coffee cocktails, the basic blend uses gin, orange liquor and others. “The strength of our coffee mocktails and coffee cocktails made by our experienced baristas is our superior quality,” Rara confirmed.

The interior design of Sip Easy Coffee reflects its name which was inspired by a coffee shop concept that is casual, friendly as well as providing a more intimate ambience.

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