SipEasy Coffee Bringing New Sensation in Coffee Enjoyment

“So that at SipEasy Coffee, visitors can enjoy our coffee blends while unwinding with friends, families or holding an informal meeting as well as other casual and relaxing activities. All that available here at Jalan Senopati No.46, which, on the side note, is the epicenter of life style in Jakarta,” explained Rara.

Rara admits that she is enthusiastic in launching SipEasy Coffee. This is evident in her team’s seriousness to establish collaboration with numerous stake holders in the domestic coffee industry. “We work closely with our coffee distributors, including trainings regarding coffees, and for our mocktails/cocktails menu as well, we also work in collaboration with consultants who have strong credibility in their field,” explained Rara.

Other than excellence in beverages, the culinary menu is also rich in taste. This is no doubt is due to the fact that some of the Sip Easy Coffee founders are also owners of the 3 Wise Monkeys, famous for their Japanese culinary. “That’s why culinary menu at SipEasy Coffee presents all day breakfast up to main course combining fusion food with Asian, Indonesian taste as well as western food,” Rara revealed.

In addition, there are also special pack deals for visitors. Among which would be for coffee cocktails, starting at 4 pm (happy hour) to closing time, you can get a special Buy 2 Get 3 package. Whereas for regular coffee and mocktails, the Buy 2 Get 3 package is available all day. There is also a special package for hot coffee and croissant purchase (butter or chocolate) for Rp50,000.-

With a strong commitment to signify SipEasy Coffee’s debut presence in Jakarta, Rara is determined to further expand more outlets. “We would also like for SipEasy Coffee to enter the ready to drink (RTD) area so our customers can easily have access to our products,” said Rara summarizing her explanation. (Danu Kuntoaji)

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