The First Starbucks Reserve Store in Yogyakarta

Presents Exclusive Services for Coffee Connoisseurs in the Student City

Located on the ground floor of Pakuwon Mall Jogja, this Starbucks Reserve store in the 8th city in Indonesia is here to welcome coffee connoisseurs to the Student City in mid-November this year. The Starbucks Reserve Pakuwon Mall Jogja store will be serving the rarest and most extraordinary selection of coffee that Starbucks has to offer.

The First Starbucks Reserve in Yogyakarta

“Yogyakarta is a special city for Starbucks in Indonesia, not only because of its characteristics or demographics, but also because of the lifestyle of coffee connoisseurs who are increasingly stretched here. And choosing this city as the location for the 18th Starbucks Reserve store in Indonesia to close the year 2022 is an essential strategic step for us and also for our customers who can’t wait to explore coffee with our trained baristas at this store, said Anthony McEvoy, chairman of PT Sari Coffee Indonesia – the licensee of the Starbucks brand in Indonesia.

“The Reserve store itself is very special for Starbucks because it is here that we push the boundaries of the skills of our baristas, develop unique techniques for enjoying coffee before finally experimenting with coffee as an art form — through brewing, aging, infusion techniques, and blending them into creations that are unique to Starbucks, imaginative and often surprising,” he added.

Starbucks itself has started its journey more than 40 years ago to make premium Arabica coffee accessible to everyone while developing a culture of human connection. Starbucks Reserve is a commitment to pushing it even further, exploring the world for the most extraordinary beans while evolving the coffee shop experience into one that is both surprising and multi-sensory.

Connect Through Coffee

Yogyakarta is known as a center for classical Javanese batik which predominantly uses brown, indigo blue, black and cream, as well as this 345m2 outlet which is dominated by the same color. Brown stands out for the courage to be active and indigo blue stands for loyalty, much like how Starbucks serves its customers.

Apart from that, brown and blue also deliver the journey of the coffee bean. The capacity of this outlet itself has 142 seats, 1 community table and a semi-open outdoor area that gives customers the flexibility to enjoy the outlet from any angle. The luxurious Reserve Bar will also welcome customers with its striking design and a variety of equipment to brew coffee with different techniques, allowing customers to have deeper interactions with the coffee masters in this store.

Antony further added, “It’s all about connecting people through coffee and Yogyakarta is a critical city that has many communities of coffee lovers. We want to be in the community to talk more deeply about this and will be introducing a new experience that celebrates connection through coffee.”

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