Starbucks Barista Championship – Indonesia 2022

Starbucks hosts the annual Starbucks Barista Championship (SBC) competition. The opportunity to demonstrate their abilities and experience is what Starbucks baristas most eagerly anticipate about this tournament. The finalists compete to earn the greatest score possible based on their knowledge of coffee, technical proficiency, communication abilities, and beverage production abilities. More than 500 Starbucks Store Coffee Masters from all over Indonesia have competed in this tournament since it began in 2015.

Starbucks Barista Championship – Indonesia 2022

More than 500 Store Coffee Masters competed in their respective districts for this tournament. Seven finalists were selected strictly over the course of about three months, and only the top three moved on to the final round.

Starbucks Barista Championship – Indonesia 2022.

Previously, the competition required the following four stages:

  • Store Level – Over 500 Coffee Masters must compete to represent their store.
  • District Level – 55 Coffee Masters from each district will compete at this level.
  • Regional Level – Seven finalists will be chosen at the regional level to advance to the final round.
  • Grand Finale – The top three finalists will compete for the title of Starbucks Barista Champion – Indonesia 2022.

Finalist Profile

Starbucks Barista Championship – Indonesia 2022

Cava Timotius Sedayu Bramono (Starbucks Reserve Dewata Bali)

This barista, who goes by the name Cava, started working at Starbucks in 2018 and eventually rose to the position of Region 5 representative for SBC Indonesia in 2022. One of the winners of the 2021 Barista Idol, this exceptional barista also earned the chance to join Starbucks as a Coffee Experience Specialist that same year.

At Starbucks, he discovered a team that was really encouraging and a ton of fresh opportunities to learn about coffee. He felt really driven after this year’s SBC because he wanted to inspire all of his partners in Indonesia with the inspiration and experiences he had in Bali. 

This cold brew enthusiast barista offers SBC a concept that will transport the audience to several locations in Indonesia. Through the coffee he served utilizing the pour over method, he began his presentation from the west of Indonesia by highlighting the significance of the Farmer Support Center’s role in Sumatra.

By developing the signature drink “the Specialist,” which combines Indonesian-Aceh coffee, cempaka flower syrup, and botanical liquid made from six spices, he enhanced the profile of the Coffee Experience Center in Bali. In Papua, he boosted two just opened stores using latte art. When he observes latte art, which is quite difficult to master, he believes that the company’s success in expanding stores in the eastern part of Indonesia is the same. 

Hadiannisa Cahyani (Starbucks Gajah Mada Semarang)

Since joining Starbucks in 2019, this lovely barista, who goes by the name Kaiya, has worked there. She is happy to contribute the scent of the city of Semarang to this competition as a representative of Region 3. She comes a long way in the game because to her impulsive nature and willingness to accept challenges from one of her best friends who also happens to be partner. She unexpectedly came to the realization that by giving her all, she could surpass everyone’s expectations after passing the selection. 

Kaiya brought up “Identity” as a major issue at this year’s SBC, where she started to recognize that her ideals as a Starbucks barista were consistent with his identity as an Indonesian from infancy to adulthood. Unusually, she performed latte art while singing the Central Java song Padang Bulan. Since moving to Germany five years ago, the barista has maintained his identity and is pleased to compete using Sumatran Kerinci coffee brewed using the pour over method.

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