Starbucks Barista Championship – Indonesia 2022

She was inspired by the local beverage from Central Java, Legen, to create her signature beverage. The beverage, which she named “Legend of Nusantara,” has a sweet and tangy flavor with a creamy aftertaste. In an original move, an Americano-loving barista adds lemongrass to her beverage and lets it rest for 4 days to take on a floral flavor and lessen the fermenting aroma. She finished by incorporating lemon water, pineapple juice, and a Sumatra Kerinci espresso shot. 

Yohannes (Starbucks Mall Puri Indah, Jakarta)

Yohannes joined Starbucks in January 2022, but that did not stop him from learning more and competing until he was able to represent Region 2 as one of the SBC Indonesia 2022 finalists. The barista from Starbucks Mall Puri Indah Jakarta was first motivated to compete in the actual competition to develop social skills because he has difficulty in interacting and connecting with new people. His colleagues baristas were the ones who ultimately convinced the Cold Brew enthusiast to join SBC because this competition could help to overcome his stage fear. 

Yohannes believes he has discovered his love in hospitality and service. And he believes that when passion and determination are combined, they can create an obsession that can help him advance. This barista, who has lived in Papua, believes that his passion of cooking in Papua with exotic ingredients opens up an exploring palate of flavors on his tongue, enabling him to create the signature drink “Ikawa Ya Mojito.”

Here, he blends espresso from Rwanda Sholi with fresh mint, basil, coconut water, lemonade, raw honey, calamansi, and fresh mint leaves to make a flavorful beverage. The distinctive carbon dioxide infusion in this beverage enhances the fresh scent, citrusy, savory umami, and fizzy sensation. He used espresso to create the Rosseta pattern for his latte art because it was the first design he had mastered when learning the technique. 

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