Theo Meier: Pictures from the Tropics

by Klaus Wenk

Meier, born in Bale, is perfectly aware of his Swiss origin, but, over the past forty years, he has regarded the Tropics as his homeland. After some years of exploration, he settled in Bali in 1932, and, in so doing, discovered the very land of his dreams and longings in which his work as a painter has evolved in evergrowing creativeness. The tropical landscape, the unity of Man and Nature still surviving in myths, the cultural tradition—all this was nicely calculated to realize for Meier the perfecting of his painter’s vision.

Unlike scarcely anybody else, he has been enabled to express atmosphere in primary forms reduced to essentials, often with a bold palette. He has also made a name as a portrait painter. In his youth, he had the opportunity to paint Paul Sacher who encouraged him unfailingly, Stravinsky, and Honegger.

The author, Professor Dr. Klaus Wenk is the Director of the Department of Languages and Cultures of Southeast Asia at the University of Hamburg. Numerous publications by him have appeared on the art, literature, and history of Thailand, Laos, and Burma. Lengthy sojourns in these countries have endowed him with a profound acquaintance with the world of the Tropics in which the chief works of Theo Meier were created and the author has been closely involved for more than twenty years with the artist himself, his mental outlook, and his creative work.

Verlag Stocker-Schmid AG
German and English
23 x 30 cm
1.5 kg

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