A Cultural Orchestra at The St. Regis Jakarta

Where an Iconic Elegance Meets Indonesian Heritage Through Music, Design, and Art

Founded by John Jacob Astor IV, The St. Regis brand is internationally renowned for its iconic heritage and commitment to delivering exquisite experiences. The much-anticipated opening of The St. Regis Jakarta in Q4 2022 pays tribute to Indonesian traditions by taking inspiration from music and performances through to its design vision, while bringing the brand’s legacy of timeless elegance and signature rituals that will reimagine the concept of urban comfort in the city.

An Epitome of Indonesian Soul

Reflecting a rich Indonesian soul, The St. Regis Jakarta takes guests on a journey through historical and visual expressions that reflect the constellation of the archipelago. From the moment of arrival in the lobby, guests will be welcomed to a majestic music hall and captivated by the installation of light and visuals that resonate the pulse of Indonesian sounds and nature. Throughout the hotel, guests will sense the elegant harmony of being in a vibrant urban setting and yet surrounded by natural beauty at the same time.

The St. Regis Jakarta is destined to be the cultural heart of the city where the theatrical dances and the symphony of Indonesia’s cultural refinements – design, music and art – crescendos. From rudimentary instruments played by indigenous tribes to the origin of traditional movements now performed across the world, Indonesian history in music and dance have remained an ecological and cultural handshake between its thousands of islands since the bronze age. This unique combination of cultural touchstones is reinterpreted to capture the Astor’s visionary spirit in creating a vibrant and iconic social space.

A soul theatre where traditions and legacies are preserved and cherished, the distinct and refined design of The St. Regis Jakarta celebrates the rich culture of Indonesia, from geology and crafts to the energetic social spaces within the hotel. The opening of The St. Regis Jakarta will create a journey of culture and innovation for guests to uniquely experience.

Exquisite Immersion into The Sounds of Indonesia

Conceptualized by the award-winning designer, Alexandra Champalimaud, the design of the 17-story hotel is inspired by the soundscape of Indonesia. The lively sounds of Jakarta and Surabaya blends in unison with the sounds of the traditional market in Yogyakarta, the birds singing in the Sulawesi National Park, the roaring sound of the waves at Sumba and the threshing rice songs of Balinese rice fields are captured into an essence which creates a whole new light to the design narratives of The St. Regis Jakarta.

The deep resonance and rhythm of the heartbeat of Indonesia gives expression to the design, inspiration for the service culture and direction for the art collection. The harmonious infusion of sound gives The St. Regis Jakarta a sense of place. As part of the overall vision, the celebrated glassmaker, Lasvit, designed a “Kinetic Light” in the arrival lobby where the light dances and harmonizes with the surrounding ambience. The creation of the chandelier in the Astor Ballroom took inspiration from the magnificent mountains of Java Island and signifies the culturally meaningful design approach of The St. Regis Jakarta.

The rich history of Indonesia’s craftmanship and sourcing of materials is incorporated into the creation of bespoke pieces in the ballrooms. Guests will also see elegant elements of Batik throughout the hotel, from the guest rooms where a framed Canting Stamp, a tool made of copper of brass to create batik pattern, decorates the wall, to the iconic Batik motif, Parang Batik, that is beautifully carved into a stairway wall leading to the signature The St. Regis Bar.

Reflecting the Indonesian soul

A stunning mural sketched by Indonesian Artist, Eddy Susanto, adorned the wall of The St. Regis Bar. Capturing the story of historical evolution of music in Indonesia between Jazz and Art by correlating the rhythm, energy and spirit. The mural was inspired by the scripts from the Book of Wedhatama in the form of songs and poems from the traditional to the contemporary Javanese culture. The St. Regis Bar combines a holistic interior design narrative that starts at the mural and is presented throughout the interior design and through beverage rituals, live jazz music and more. 

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