Kofax Announces 2022 Customer Excellence Award Winners for Digital Workflow Transformation

Eight Standout Customers Honored at Kofax Accelerate 2022

Kofax®, a leading supplier of Intelligent Automation software for digital workflow transformation, today announces the winners of its 2022 Customer Excellence Awards at Kofax Accelerate, the company’s annual virtual customer event. Customers who received awards are honored for their stand-out achievements with Kofax products, and for demonstrating the ability to Work Like Tomorrow™ –  today.

Nominations were submitted for recognition across award categories for the Americas, EMEA and APAC regions:

  • Innovation Excellence: Honoring new and cutting-edge innovations using Kofax’s solutions that delivered substantial business value.
  • Changemakers: Recognizing customers that prompted real-life changes to transform businesses and lives.
  • Lifetime Achievement: Celebrating longtime Kofax customers that have built proven automation programs that deliver consistent results over time.

“Customer Excellence Awards are important because we recognize and showcase businesses around the world that are transforming and winning by partnering with Kofax,” says Chris Huff, Chief Growth Officer at Kofax. 

“This year’s winners underscore the power and impact of cloud-based intelligent automation – including tips for sustaining scalable programs among a distributed workforce.”

The winners implemented automation solutions to create digital workflows, ranging from invoice processing to fraud detection. Following are some of the ways the Kofax Intelligent Automation Platform has driven tangible value for these customers:

  • Using AI to process over 50,000 monthly commission disbursements, saving 15,000 hours yearly
  • Automating vendor management system (VMS) processes reducing over eight hours of work down to minutes, ensuring talent is paid on time and freeing up consultants to focus on more valuable activities
  • Creating a digital mailroom to support remote employees — eliminating waste and increasing accuracy
  • Implementing automated data capture and transformation to reduce customer transaction times from days or weeks to hours or minutes, while allowing customers to self-serve 
  • Transforming the claims fraud program, leading to an expected savings between $580,000 and $1.1 million this year alone
  • Reducing customer onboarding time from weeks to 15 minutes with banking automation, saving 1,600 person days a year
  • Simplifying accounts payable to reduce data capture time and increase accuracy, visibility and control of the process
  • Processing 1.4 million invoices annually through procure-to-pay automation, achieving less than .0005 percent duplicate payments and auto-verification of over 85 percent of purchase order-based invoices

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