Dynamics of Identities – New Art Exhibition at Regent Phu Quoc

Regent Phu Quoc Gains Art Credentials with new Collection and Collaboration with CUC Gallery, Hanoi

Regent Phu Quoc and CUC Gallery are pleased to present Dynamics of Identities art exhibition at The Gallery, a newly conceptualized space for art and design, located in Regent Phu Quoc, The Gallery features a curated selection of pieces from both emerging and established artists and designers by CUC Gallery. To commemorate the launch of The Gallery, artworks of three prominent names in art and designs, will be showcased representing tree generations of Vietnamese artists.

The Gallery

“Art plays a very important role in Regent Phu Quoc. The Dynamics of Identities collection was chosen to appeal to hotel guests from a diverse range of nationalities and cultures, while also supporting artists from across Vietnam. The Gallery will become a hub for art and design with an emphasis on local artists. Through our partnership with CUC Gallery, we aim to provide guests and visitors alike with immersive experiences that are far beyond the norm” said Juan Losada, General Manager.

Hanoi-based artist Dinh Cong Dat is a sculptor and painter. He often depicts animals, insects or human forms in his sculptural works. Dinh Cong Dat’s sculptures are filled with improvisation, humor, sophistication and diversity. The statues of boy in many funny poses have a pop-art spirit that is shown through color arrays, patterns and random signatures on clothes.

“The Gallery’s first exhibition, Dynamics of Identities, is the first in a series. We will continue the partnership with Regent Phu Quoc and introduce art from different artists as well collection of pieces from Jewlery to decorative items throughout the year,” said Ms Pham Phuong Cuc, Director of CUC Gallery.

Vietnamese contemporary artist and sculptor Thái Nhật Minh introduces some progressive works ranging from white stone to metal sculptures to porcelain. His works feature animal-shaped metal frames enveloped in papier-mâché whose reproductive features are on full display. He has used stone, aluminum casting, wood, and iron to create sculptural pieces. White stone evokes a sense of purity, innocence, and weakness. Thai Nhat Minh continues to exploit the sensual round shapes that bring strange weight and elegance in these series of works.

Saigon-based emerging artist Nguyễn Ngọc Vũ, also known as “Cau be tho” (“Rabbit Boy”) will showcase 7 artworks of Acrylic on canvas. Much of his work references everything from his heritage to his upbringing, and pop culture icons. “Cau be tho” challenges norms by creating art with a combination of classical Vietnamese art and contemporary pop culture, that is both original and impactful. The approach of this artist, born in Central Vietnam in 1991 offers a fresh look at the Vietnamese contemporary art scene.

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