Captivating Vesak – A Celebration At Amanjiwo 

Named ‘Peaceful Soul’ for the serenity of its setting in Central Java’s cultural heartland, Amanjiwo celebrates this year’s Vesak with curated experiences tailored to honour this important day for Buddhists. 

From 15-17 May 2022, the resort invites guests to be part of a three-day cultural and spiritual event and immerse in captivating experiences led by Buddhist monks, as well as delve into inspiring lectures on the history of Gautama Buddha. Guests will also have the opportunity to participate in a ‘Pradakshina’ ceremony led by a monk within the surrounding area of the world’s largest and most spiritually resonant Buddhist monument, Borobudur, and appreciate the special Apsara dance by Indonesian dance maestro, Didik Nini Thowok. 

Sacred Vesak Rituals 

Also known as Wesak or Buddha Day, Vesak is one of the most important Buddhist festivals, commemorating the birth, enlightenment and death of Gautama Buddha. The majestic Borobudur temple is a central gathering place for Buddhists from across the country and around the world to celebrate this day. Located just minutes from Borobudur, Amanjiwo collaborates with Veluvana Vihara, a Buddhist monastery in Boyolali, Central Java, as part of the itinerary which allows guests to engage with the monks in the shadow of this intriguing monument. 

The experience commences with the presence of monks who chant gracefully to show devotion to the Buddhist teachings as guests step into the serene lobby of Amanjiwo. In the evening, guests are invited to join ‘The Birth of Buddha’ lecture led by Amanjiwo’s resident anthropologist, Patrick Vanhoebrouck, who has a deep understanding of Indonesian culture and is passionate about sharing his vast knowledge of Borobudur and Javanese spirituality. 

As the sun rises on the horizon on Vesak day, guests are invited to take a walk around the Borobudur temple, also known as ‘Pradakshina’, led by the monks from Veluvana Vihara, a spiritual act that assures peace of mind. Guests participating in this procession receive exclusive access to the Borobudur temple together with the monks. 

The day continues with an afternoon tea and lecture on Nirvana by Patrick Vanhoebrouck. He will share his knowledge of Buddha’s enlightenment and how it has become synonymous with self-realisation, the true self and the false self. Afterwards, take part in a guided Semedi Meditation – a method of meditation that attains calmness and clarity of mind through perfecting one’s life. 

Jiwo Entrance with view through to Borobudur

Samedi in ancient Sanskrit language means ‘mental absorption’ and was considered a yogic foundation for the understanding of truth. It is achieved by a series of exercises, which sequentially bring a practitioner through stages of breath optimisation, mudra concentration, awareness meditation and calmness of body, spirit and mind. 

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