NoizeKilla, Bhismo’s Solo Project Now Releases First Single Titled “Shuckleford Song”

NoizeKilla, the musical evolution of Bhismo “KunoKini” who released his first single titled “Shuckleford Song” to coincide with Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2022. A work created especially for his wife whose family name is Shuckleford. The name NoizeKilla is inspired by the magical sound of Saluang blowing, a traditional musical instrument native to Minangkabau, West Sumatra. This name is a combination of two words, Noize (sound) and Killa (kill/in this case silence), which is interpreted as the ability to eliminate noise by bringing peace.

The song “Shuckleford Song” is in English, which tells the story of Bhismo’s romantic journey from the beginning of his first meeting to finally getting married. There are many differences between this husband and wife – differences in religion, ethnicity, and race. All of these differences combined were a great inspiration for wrapping this story into a masterpiece.

To visually reinforce the message conveyed, NoizeKilla directed the production of the artwork – in which the artwork model is his wife. The body painting was created by Gabriela Dapena and shot by Khe! Entertainment and The Produksi.

This team tried their best to represent strength and beauty through a blend of aesthetics. Black represents the color of his wife’s skin and origin, which is of mixed Indonesian and Jamaican blood. While the gold contrast represents luck, luxury and balance in maintaining a relationship.

New Music Identity

Under the auspices of DansaDansa’s management, NoizeKilla is a new musical identity resulting from the exploration of various musical colors that have been outside of the traditional music that was put together with the band KunoKini. NoizeKilla describes his music as IndoBeatPop, an offering of Nusantara sound to the global market.

“I didn’t want to play it safe in an existing box, I wanted it to be more unique but easy to digest and provide a different experience for music listeners,” said NoizeKilla.

These are the frequency formulations that are predicted through NoizeKilla’s music specifically. This frequency is commonly referred to as natural tuning, pure tuning or sound healing. Where music tones are played on the 432hz frequency, A=432hz is not the international standard A=440hz. Because this 432hz frequency is subconsciously connected to the vibrations of the human brain, the sound of the Earth’s Ohms, the Fibonacci sequence Golden ratio, 3-6-9 Tesla Numerological Symbolism (Code).

Automatically creates a sense of comfort in the ears and at the same time provides good vibrations into the listener’s body. In collaboration with record label demajors, the debut single “Shuckleford Song” can be enjoyed on various digital streaming platforms. Along with Valentine’s Day, “Shuckleford Song” is expected to be a new trigger for the celebration of love for music listeners wherever they are.

NoizeKilla is domiciled in Bali and the global market is becoming a career focus by preparing a full album to be released this year. The music is strengthened by a mighty band called JoyFullSound, this band consists of guitarist Jordan Vegas (Venezuela), keyboardist Dominggus Kia Beda (Flores, Indonesia), drummer Micah Johnston (Canada), and the additional player on bass is Hendro Tri Septiando. (Sumatra, Indonesia).

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