Indonesian Women Artists: Into the Future by Carla Bianpoen

This limited-edition book is authored by the senior writer of contemporary art, Carla Bianpoen who unveils the works by 21 Indonesian women artists between 28 and 41 years of age. Combining art, science, technology, and the Female spirit, they are considered a new and future direction in contemporary art of today and the coming era. 

The artists are: Andrita Yuniza Orbandi; Ayu Arista Murti, Cecilia Patricia Untario, Dita Gambiro; Elia Nurvista; Erika Ernawan; Etza Meisyara; Fika Ria Santika; Irene Agrivina; Kinez Riza; Maharani Mancanagara; Maradita Sutantio; Natasha Tontey; Octora; Prilla Tania; Restu Ratnaningtyas; Sanchia Tryphosa Hamidjaja; Syagini Ratna Wulan; Tara Astari Kasenda; Theresia Agustia Sitompul, and Yaya Sung.

“One of the most notable things about the book Into the Future: Indonesian Women Artists is its sheer presence. The cover uses bold futuristic graphics—in vibrant colors with strong debossed typography and the effect is confident: it is unavoidable and in your face. Yet this large-scale, heavy, hardback book pulses with energy both literally and figuratively. The nearly fluorescent pink-tipped page-ends emit a glow that captivates even before opening the 312-page book, designed/produced by Afterhours Books and published by Cemara Enam Foundation. It is fitting that the book projects this vitality because once one starts to browse through the works of 21 female artists featured inside, one senses the sheer physicality of the work and the women…”

“The joy of this book is in the balance of the well-written and knowledgeable text and stunning choice of images. There is a wealth of information about each artist and an in-depth description of her practice that is illuminating for anyone interested in the process of making art. But perhaps what makes this book a true companion for both novices, experts, academics, and other practitioners in the field of art is that each artist’s journey is described in detail—the pain, the toil, the effort to dig deep into one’s life, the messiness of it all.” (Krystina Lion/The Jakarta Post)

23 x 31 x 3 cm (Portrait)
320 pages
3.5 kg
Cemara Enam Foundation x Afterhours Books

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