5 Recommended Activities in Tiong Bahru, Singapore’s Hipster District for an Exciting Adventure

Tiong Bahru Market

Tiong Bahru Market is one of the best hawker centres in Singapore because here there are many famous foods, one of which is the Michelin-acclaimed Chicken Rice outlet, Bib Gourmand Tiong Bahru Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice.

FShui kueh Dok. Jian Bo Shui Kueh

In addition, this culinary hawker centre is also famous for its famous Chwee kueh (radish cake), Jian Bo Shui Kueh and Min Nan Prawn Noodles shrimp noodles.

Tiong Bahru Bakery

Tiong Bahru Bakery is so popular among local Singaporeans that it has opened many branches in Singapore. The croissants at Tiong Bahru Bakery are called the best croissants in Singapore. You can find croissants and other pastries in various flavours, including filling sandwiches and burgers for lunch.

Pastry di Tiong Bahru Bakery Dok. Klook

Tiong Bahru Galicier Pastry

If you prefer traditional cakes, try visiting Tiong Bahru Galicier Pastry. This legendary cake shop serves delicious conventional cakes such as ongol-ongol, putu ayu, various pies and sponge cakes.

3. Shopping at Indie Shop

Indie shops are one of the highlights of Tiong Bahru, as you can find independent brands selling unique items that can’t be found anywhere else.

Nana & Bird

You can find clothes designed by local and international designers with models that are not on the market. In addition, you can also find accessories and fragrances in this boutique.

First Stitch

First Stitch is a clothing boutique that initially opened a stall in front of Tiong Bahru Market in the 1980s. Over time, First Stitch developed into a modern boutique that offers ready-to-wear clothes but still sells at affordable prices.

The hallmark of this boutique is that it sells clothes that are made with materials that are comfortable with the Singapore climate as well as clothing models that are suitable for all body shapes.

Nana & Bird Dok. Time Out

Woods in the Books

For those who like to read books, visiting a bookstore is a fun activity. However, the bookstore in Tiong Bahru offers a more adventurous experience by selling various cute and antique-shaped accessories, including toys.

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