5 Recommended Activities in Tiong Bahru, Singapore’s Hipster District for an Exciting Adventure

Hipster (fabulous) tourist attractions well-known among residents can be an option when travelling especially during the pandemic. Many people tend to look for places that are quieter and less popular with tourists. The hipster district in Singapore, Tiong Bahru, can be an attractive tourist destination for your next vacation in Singapore for new experiences and to experience local life.

Tiong Bahru is one of the oldest residential area in Singapore. Tiong is taken from the Hokkien language, which means burial, and Bahru from the Malay language, which means new.

The Tiong Bahru housing estate was built in the 1930s when there were many luxury apartments popping up. You can still see the apartment with an Art Deco design, which is the main attraction and characteristic of Tiong Bahru.

In recent years, Tiong Bahru has transformed into a hip lifestyle district. There are many independent cafes, bookstores and fashion boutiques here. For this reason, the community is often a gathering place for artists, creatives and culture lovers in Singapore.

In addition, in Tiong Bahru, there are also inns and culinary areas that are no less cool. You can vacation in Singapore and make Tiong Bahru a place to rest for a while because the relaxed atmosphere here.

Tiong Bahru’s location is also very strategic, between the Central Business District and Orchard Road, make it you to explore other districts more easily.

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