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  • Concerns for Mental Health Issues, Creative Tribe Initiates #Pelarian in Collaboration with Hatiplong, Sana, Dash Sports, Voltandfast, Runhood, Syndicate TV & BKR Brothers Shouting Out 
  • Movement #Pelarian Introduces Youngsters to Mental Health Issues via Togetherness & Positivity, Igniting the Spirit to Face it Together
  • Coupled with Running Community in Numerous Cities in Indonesia, the #Pelarian Even Targets Thousands of Young People to Run Together on Valentine’s Day 2022  

Creative Tribe, a startup company in the creative marketing field is initiating the #pelarian event, an open campaign and collective movement which is a part of the modern-day culture targeting young millennial and gen-Z to collectively raise concern and grow awareness towards mental health issues via an activity designed to prevent anxiety by running together on one occasion to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the coming February 2022.

The #pelarian event, which is initiated in collaboration with a number of sports community and mental health care provider; HatiPlong, Dash Sports, SANA, Voltandfast, Runhood, OTSS, JSD, BKR Brothers, Muse Media Id, Syndicate TV and Vox Populi Publicists, also features a number of musicians, influencers, and cinema artists such as Winky Wiryawan, Kenes Andari, Arawinda Kirana, Laila Munaf, and Kenang Mirdad, Hadi Ismanto, Sonny Dien and Jeffry Jouw.

Strategic Planner Creative Tribe, Iman Sadeqh stated, “This is a collective movement in the form of concern, intention and good will for mental health awareness, especially for the millennial generation and gen-Z who are significantly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. #pelarian is an activity to distant ourselves from various mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, stress and others, which in this occasion is being carried out in the form of collective running activity in different places anywhere as a form of awareness and concern for mental health issue, so that every participant could handle anxiety and to learn to love yourself more while at the same time trying to find out more about the issue from experts.”

“Together with partners who share the same goals, we want #pelarian to be able to trigger a positive impact for people, as extensive as possible, to inspire the spirit of togetherness using positivity and real action that is simple and fun. Running habit has become a part of the modern culture close with the daily activities of young people. We are now trying to establish communication with more communities in different cities in Indonesia to enforce and extend this collaboration network.”

Business Director Creative Tribe, Nadian Almatsier pointed out that it is very easy and fun to participate in the event; anyone interested to join is welcome to run along with us and it would be more exciting to invite your friends on Sunday morning, Februari 13, 2022 wearing a white shirt as a sign of participation in the campaign and a token of appreciation and concern both for ourselves and others. Run for as long, as far as you can, as you please sharing the same goal!

Participants can also use an existing running application and post it on social media so #pelarian could inspire even more people. In addition, according to the campaign agenda, #pelarian will also hold a number of chats via podcast and Live IG series featuring speakers from HatiPlong, a mental health service provider, a number of other campaign partners, to share information regarding mental health.

Meanwhile, CEO and HatiPlong founder who is also the movement‘s partner, Farah Djalal explained that HatiPlong is so eager and happy to be an active part of the campaign, sharing mutual mission and ambition in good will to raise awareness for mental health in Indonesia, as well as to engage the Indonesian people through creative ways in order to further understand and familiarize well things about mental health.

There are numerous mental health issues that young people are facing, from anxiety, depression, stress, not to mention the stigma and discrimination against those who are experiencing it.

Farah further explained that physical and mental balance is one of the keys to have a quality well-being. When someone is experiencing stress, for example, emotional channeling can be done physically by doing sports and mentally by talking to someone. Study had proven that running is one of the sports activities that could produce endorphins hormone which triggers a positive feeling, as well as the production of Leptin hormone which improves energy and motivates someone.

Through this #pelarian even we would like to inspire and show to anyone that physical well being must be accompanied by mental healthiness.

During the occasion, main partners of #pelarian namely the founder of Dash Sports, Alit Aryaguna, Voltandfast running wear initiator, Alexander Hendrowijaya and SANA pioneer, Adianti Reksodiprodjo, Managing Editor of Runhood running sports news media, Prisma Kinanti along with Director of Syndicate TV, Harris Syn expressed similar enthusiasm and full support for the open campaign because not only that running is a fun sports activity that would drive us away from negativity, it is also the simplest form of mobile activity, so easy to do, anytime and anywhere without any special equipment or cost.

In short, running could become the most practical part of an active and healthy lifestyle as well as to provide space for togetherness.

Anyone facing mental health issues must know that they’re not alone, that a lot of us do care. Alit Aryaguna further added that in doing sports, people could take advantage from Dash Sports application to make running even more exciting. Dash Sports is a platform connecting sports lovers, sports club, sports events and sports communities.

Through Dash Sports, participants could take benefits of some of the features available such as Participant Check-in and Activity Tracker.

Meanwhile Adianti said that during the up and coming #pelarian event, the committee will provide free coffee as a form of reward for participants who are willing to upload or post content regarding their participation in #pelarian even on their social media accounts.

Participants who has uploaded photo or video on their social media account could visit SANA Kopi at Wijaya, South Jakarta, to get their free coffee, sharing and celebrating the movement moment together with #pelarian partners.

One of the important programs in the campaign is HatiPlong, providing the opportunity for the public to communicate, consult or share issues regarding mental health using not only an independently developed mobile application called NiceDay, but also by visiting or HatiPlong’s social media accounts.

On each of the platform above, HatiPlong’s psychologists are ready to help and accompany anyone in need. Plenty of vouchers available for sharing session with certified psychologists from HatiPlong. The vouchers will be distributed through IG Live activities in collaboration with Creative Tribe, HatiPlong, SANA and Dash Sports.

Creative Director, Irza Fauzan and CEO Creative Tribe, Adji Dharma added that the #pelarian movement is expected to continue to grow beyond running, incorporating other positive activities presented in a more creative format and relevant to the on going trend in modern culture.

Through movement and collaboration in this #pelarian event. Creative Tribe with the main partners truly hope that everyone could have a more reliable information about mental health issues, to cultivate common concern, ignite the spirit of self loving and optimism in facing the problem together.

Let’s join #pelarian – don’t forget, Sunday morning, Februari 13, 2022, run for as long, as far as you can, as you please, anywhere sharing the same goal!   

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About Creative Tribe

A startup company in the field of creative based in Jakarta. The #pelarian event initiated by Creative is a part of an umbrella campaign for KALCER-ISM, inspiring young people to answer the challenges in life; mental health issues, sustainability, social media impact and other life style-related issues through a modern day culture movement.

About HatiPlong

HatiPlong is an innovative Indonesian mental health service provider. HatiPlong’s founders are two psychologists, Farah Djalal and Jeannette Setiawan. Having educated abroad, both realize that in Indonesia there are still many stigmas involving mental health treatment and many people do not know how to seek help. HatiPlong’s main goal is to raise awareness on mental health problems in Indonesia and to provide the best mental health service for the Indonesian public.

As a modern mental health service provider, HatiPlong uses an advanced method to reach its clients. Undoubtedly, all is done within the most strict privacy policy (referring to international regulations) and high professional standard. NiceDay mobile application is developed in Indonesia by an experienced Dutch organization that is active in mental health treatment: NiceDay. NiceDay provides technical support and modern and proven communication method, to enable effective interactions with its clients.

About Dash Sports

Established in 2020, Dash Sports is a sports hub connecting sports fans, sports club, sports events, and sports community, started initially among closed acquintances who share similar outdoor hobby every week, to later transform into a scheduled training session with professional trainers.

Dash Sports develops and introduces Dash sports application, a digital platform for sports fans where they can access various information regarding sports such as training session for a sports branch for children and adults. Information for type, trainer, price, duration, schedule up to location is available in the application.

About SANA

SANA began in 2012 as a pioneer in health studio boutique and grew into an active lifestyle center for sports fans through KOPI SANA, such as for runners, cyclists, yogis, as well as weekend warriors.

About Voltandfast

One of the pioneers in local sports wear focussing on running, based in Bandung City. As an independent sports wear brand focussing in combining comfort with quality, Voltandfast manifests an entity with originality through daring graphics. Believing in a world where sports culture speaks beyond performance, various collections easily blend with everyday life. We provide lifestyle serving different purposes and needs.

About Runhood

The first and biggest media for the world of running in Indonesia. With more than 6 years of experience, Runhood offers a comprehensive omni channel access for the most active and enthusiastic consumers in running and in living the active lifestyle.

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