RAKxa Launches DNA Program to Decode Genetic Health Risks for Early Healthcare Prevention

DNA testing that is cutting-edge provides early risk detection for lifelong well-being. 

RAKxa, Bangkok’s leading integrative wellness and medical retreat with SHA Plus certification, has launched its new “Your DNA” program, which includes cutting-edge DNA screening lab tests performed by the VitalLife Scientific Wellness Center.

Based at RAKxa, VitalLife Scientific Wellness Clinic is a subsidiary of Bumrungrad International Hospital and Asia’s first medically driven wellness and vitality clinic, focused on disease prevention, health optimisation and rejuvenation. Its DNA screening lab tests decode one’s genetic health risks, helping them begin a personal advanced and holistic medical guidance to lifelong wellbeing. 

Dusadee Tancharoen, RAKxa’s Managing Director, comments: “With people placing more value on health and wellness than ever before in the wake of Covid, healthcare has evolved from focusing on the management of disease to the prevention of disease. Your DNA programme provides early risk awareness of some of the most serious medical conditions as well as dietary requirements and exercise recommendations to optimize health of the individual with knowledge of one’s genetic makeup.” 

The Scientific DNA Wellness Screening requires that blood samples be taken directly to VitalLife’s on-site laboratory, where DNA is extracted and analyzed to produce the results. The analysis determines whether there is a genetic predisposition to diseases in the 11 priority health areas, which include bone health, brain health, toxicity, gluten intolerance, heart health, immune health, lactose intolerance, obesity, type 2 diabetes, and Vitamin D deficiency. Females’ hormonal imbalance risks are also evaluated. 

RAKxa’s experienced doctors then interpret the complex DNA results to assist guests in developing the most effective wellness treatment plan, dietary requirements, and exercise recommendations based on individualised results, allowing guests to take preventative measures and begin their journey towards optimal health.

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