Millennial Doctor Clarin Hayes to Launch Navana, a Face Treatment Cream for Young Ladies

  • Navana presents singular multipurpose serum and pudding cream to enlighten, soften as well as moisturize facial skin, based on niacinamide, glutathione, bakuchiol and fruit extract complex
  • In collaboration with Madam Verawati Haryono, dr. Clarin Hayes wishes that women with different types of facial skin could enjoy the benefits Navana has to offer. 

Yet another debut in face treatment product initialized by young doctor from the millennial generation, dr. Clarin Hayes, by launching Navana Brightening Smoother Serum and Navana Brightening Pudding Cream, a face treatment combo designed specifically for active young ladies, with a special formula and composition made from various active natural ingredients intended for different types of female facial skin.

Dr. Clarin Hayes is a young doctor who is a cum laude graduate from Medical Faculty of Diponegoro University, also known as a popular Youtuber covering health and beauty. Through her position as a doctor and a professional social media content maker, Clarin Hayes works together with her mother, Verawati Haryono, to deliver a quality facial treatment product which will also become a competitive solution in the facial treatment market.

Navana initiator, dr. Clarin Hayes said, “With pride and joy, I hereby officially launch Navana, a facial treatment combo product consisting of Navana Brightening Smoother Serum and Navana Brightening Pudding Cream, developed specifically for 18+ active young ladies. Navana is carefully formulated for an easy, concise, fast and safe use with maximum result.

The Navana serum is multipurposeful, also known as a serum rich in active ingredients, can be used during the day or at night and for all skin types. Not only expecting and breastfeeding mothers who can still enjoy Navana and what it has to offer, men can too.”  

Furthermore dr. Clarin Hayes explained that Navana serum and cream are designed to complete each other, containing active and natural ingredients such as Niacinamide, fruit extract complex, Tranexamic Acid, Glutahione, Bakuchiol, Brown Seaweed and Chamomile Flower Extract.

Using Navana means to do facial treatment the right and concise way at anytime and will deliver a noticeable result on the face. One of the unique qualities offered is the texture of the serum itself which is light, easily absorbed and non sticky. Whereas the cream texture is soft like pudding, non oily or sticky and easily absorbed into the pores. 

To get to know about this product further, Navana Brightening Smoother Serum contains niacinamide which enlightens, softens, reduces acne inflammation, dissembles dark spots and maintains the skin condition. In addition to that, the product also contains fruit extract complex consisting of extracts of lingonberry, unshiu citrus, sea buckthorn, leci seed and manggo leave.

The serum also incorporate Tranexamic Acid and Glutathione as anti-oxidant, moisturizer and skin brightening agent. Meanwhile, the Navana Brightening Pudding Cream product also contains niacinamide, bakuchiol which is seed and leave extract from Psoralea corylifolia or babchi, a plant native to India which could treat wrinkles and crease and stimulate body’s collagen production.

Other than the two ingredients, the cream also contains brown seaweed which whitens, rejuvenates and maintain facial skin.

There is also an extract from chamomile flower which could absorb inflammation as well as to function as anti-oxidant and calms the skin.

Navana Brightening Smoother Serum and Navana Brightening Pudding Cream supporting the tagline “With us, beauty doesn’t waste your time” is being marketed and available as from today at prominent marketplaces such as Shopee and Tokopedia at Rp119,000.00 for the serum and Rp112,000.00 for the cream.

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