The Starla Movement

In collaboration with MW Experiences and Lilly Albaab, Odyssey MVMT launches the Starla Movement, an initiative devoted to the expansion and propulsion of sustainable health, fitness, yoga and tourism in Indonesia.

The purpose of The Starla Movement is to facilitate the growth of future leaders in the health, wellness and tourism industries that embody history and culture in a locally modern relevant way.

The goal of the movement is to facilitate opportunities for Indonesians to become leaders within a framework of personal growth and movement that offers sustainable business opportunities for Indonesian communities and beyond.

This movement is designed to facilitate the opportunity for local Indonesians to become world-class, globally recognised yoga teachers. The way yoga is most widely practiced and received of all health and wellness modalities and acts as a gateway to mindfulness, meditation and proactive wellness meaning employee satisfaction, retention and positive workplace culture.

The movement both creates and curates world class training programs to help students to build exciting and sustainable career and transferable skill sets that enable them to offer value to both local Indonesian and international businesses in Bali and beyond.

For Indonesia, this means creating community engagement, job opportunities, leadership and business opportunities (particularly for women), career diversification and self-realisation.

In its first initiative, the Starla Movement is offering qualifying scholarship recipients the opportunity to complete Odyssey MVMT’s 200hr Yoga Teacher Training program. This robust training is inclusive of online training, mentoring and workplace experience.

Recognised internationally by Yoga Alliance, Odyssey’s YTT prepares students to be health and wellness facilitators in their local community and beyond.

Featuring Master Facilitator Erin Kindt (founder of Odyssey) and our first Indonesian Scholarship Recipient, Yoga Teacher and mentor Lilly Albaab with the help of business leader Marisa Wong from MW Experiences, this course seeks to empower all recipients to live a life they love, while sharing health and wellbeing with Indonesia’s people and building sustainable tourism opportunities across the archipelago.

The Starla Movement welcomes public support and those interested in assisting can do so in a number of ways. Interested hotels and tourism wellness providers can nominate and/or sponsor single students to participate in the program.

Health, wellness and business leaders can mentor program graduates and companies/ individuals can offer donations of funds and of great condition activewear/ accessories and electronic devices to assist with online learning.

”The positive impact of building individual health, wellness, fitness and happiness extends beyond its immediate recipients, into families, communities and decision makers, making its results immeasurable, although keenly felt and experienced by all. If we can support and inspire passionate individuals to start the ripple of wellness, it will be felt by all in Indonesia and beyond – Erin Kindt.”

The Starla Movement – Additional Information:

  • Our first course offered in Indonesian will commence on Saturday 21st August – our training is part-time, online and offers 1:1 coaching and mentoring along with weekly group training sessions to ensure that our students receive the best support possible.
  • Part and Full Scholarships are available to Indonesian applicants of all ages.
  • Scholarship applicants can apply via website or directly to [email protected] (in Indonesian or English)

A weekly English class will be offered as part of the course to help prepare students to have an understanding of English and assist them in finding employment in the Indonesian tourism industry.

For media interview, podcasts and blog features, please send email to [email protected]

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