A Photobook by Edwin Djuanda

What does Soul mean to you? Is it a life or is it an ending? Or perhaps a thing that has no beginning and no end? In ancient Greece, the philosopher Plato postulated the soul to be the essence of a person, being that which decides how people behave and is immortal.

The modern Cambridge Dictionary defines “soul” as “the spiritual part of a person that some people believe continues to exist in some form after their body has died.” While another defines the word as: “A person’s total self ”.

The photographs Edwin Djuanda has selected for The Soul embrace all of these definitions. There is a mystic aspect of the ineffable spirit of the subject being drawn to the surface to interact with the spirit of the photographer himself.

This book of art photography is a reflection of Edwin’s innermost self, of a person who is constantly looking for something that his soul can feel. This book is a work of self-education; a manifestation of the process of being himself and of being true to himself.

This exemplary volume of art photography proves that Edwin has succeeded in making various symbols of life that rotate simultaneously and endlessly. Life is “soul”, a soul for Edwin himself and a soul for the universe he has ever met in his life.

Limited Edition & Serial Numbered
Hardcover (3-piece)
22.5 x 28 cm (Portrait)
136 pages
Special duotone images
1.5 kg
ISBN: 978-602-6990-61-7
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